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Acumatica Cloud Order Management Software

What is the purpose of Order Management Software?

Sales Order Management Software allows you to track sales, orders, inventory, and fulfillment. It provides a simplistic way for your team to get products from your company to the customer. Simply put, Cloud Order Management Software provides an effective and centralized channel to manage customer orders from all your sales channels.

Why Choose the Acumatica Order Management Software?

The Acumatica Order management system is fully integrated and provides you with the tools to deliver superior customer service, improve vendor relationships, and cut out all the time-consuming paperwork. Provide your stakeholders with visibility into the organization’s order management processes with a best-in-class solution.

Who should use Order Management software?

Acumatica Cloud Order Management software is an excellent option for service companies that need to create sales quotes, sales orders, and purchase orders, but without the need to handle inventory and warehouse management functions.

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The Benefits of using the Acumatica Cloud Order Management System

Know Your Costs

With real-time information you are able to control your costs across your entire supply and distribution chain as well as measure your profitability by location, product line, or business unit.

Reduction of order times

Cut out the delays by automating the processing of sales orders and the generation shipping orders. Set rules to manage returns, credit limits, drop shipments, and more.

Collaborative Sales and Service

Enhance your team's efficacy through shared information. Without any limitations on the number of users, you can enjoy full participation in automated workflows that promote collaboration.

Simplify pricing and discounts

Use percentage amounts to quantify your discounts. You have the ability to specify multiple discount rules and sequences or allow the system to automatically apply the best discount combination.

Acumatica Cloud Order Management Software features and capabilities

  • Sales Order Management. Enjoy the centralized management of sales activities. Track prices, check available inventory, apply discounts, enter quotes, create shipments, and fulfill sales orders and improve customer satisfaction through improved orders fulfillment processes.
  • Credit Limit Verification. During the order processing, you can automatically run a credit check. Auto-release a credit hold when a payment is entered or an order amount is decreased.
  • Purchasing Integration. Automate the process of generating purchase orders or create manual links. Link sales orders with purchase orders and allocate received items to orders.
  • Vendor Bidding. Email requests to multiple vendors and speed up the bidding process. Make the purchase with a single vendor or select multiple vendors for different products on the request with this order management system (OMS).
  • Automated Requisitions. You have the ability to automate the entire requisitioning process. This includes the collection of orders, supplier bids, sending and approval of quotes, issuing purchase orders, and receiving goods.
  • Customer Relationship Management Integration. Convert CRM opportunities into sales orders without re-entering pricing and discount information and enhance your customer experience. Easily locate customer orders to verify delivery status. Associate tasks and activity history with each order.
  • Audit Trail.  Automate the creation of complete audit trails for all transactions. Include the user IDs of users who entered and approved the transactions or modified any records.
  • Integrated Workflow. Cut out all unnecessary steps by automating your order processing with this cloud-based solution. Configure order status, status changes, actions, notifications, and alerts to trigger automatically during order processing.

Choose an integrated solution that gives complete visibility of all order details while ensuring that you maintain optimal inventory levels.

How to Simplify Requisition Management

Leverage the power of this Cloud-based Order Management System (OMS) and enhance your customer experience and ensure customer satisfaction. Enjoy the native integration with your favourite e-commerce platform (Shopify, BigCommerce, etc) and simplify your order fulfillment processes and boost efficiency for your sales reps.

Simplify and automate your sales processes, maintain visibility of order information, and fast-track the sales order process.

Acumatica OMS for Companies that don’t carry any inventory

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