Sage 200 Evo General Ledger

Understanding The Sage 200 Evolution General Ledger (GL)

All the transactions you process will reflect on your General Ledger. The GL is the core of your business and the General Ledger structure plays a key role in your financial reporting. This is why you need a system that is designed to fulfill all your business accounting requirements.

The Sage 200 Evolution General Ledger is date-driven and allows you to process transactions to any period of your choice at any given time. The system allows you to block previous periods and prevent agents from accessing them in order to avoid errors. The ability to control access to financial periods allows you to avoid the tedious month and year-end processing. With Sage Evolution, you simply process your information, run your reports, and lock the periods and continue processing.

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all you need to know about the general ledger
understanding the general ledger sage 200 GL


General Ledger Structures

Whether your business requires a basic or a complex multi-dimensional General ledger structure, Sage Evolution will get the job done, effortlessly. It allows you to create GL accounts using multiple segments of up to 10 levels. Each segment becomes a reporting segment.

Unlock your business potential with the power to create your unique financial accounting structure.

The Sage Evolution GL allows you to create segments for your different company branches, departments, regions, and costs centres. Once you have created the segments, adding new accounts or roots to the segment is extremely simple.

why accountants prefer sage 200 evolution general ledger

Detailed General Ledger Reporting

Once you have customized your Sage 200 Evo GL to suit your unique business requirements, creating reports is effortless. Your financial reporting can be expanded and include any combination of the segmented levels that you have created.

You can even go as far as isolating specific sections of even a standard GL layout. With Sage Evo storing unlimited years of historical accounting data, this accounting software solution gives you granular insight into the trends of all your financial activities from a current or historical perspective.

The system has many powerful reports and charts that give you all the output you usually require such as:

Account balances, Audit Trail, Balance Sheet, Bank Recon, Budgets, Project Budget vs Actual, Revised Budget History, Cashbook, Chart of Accounts, Cheques Printed, Income Statement, Ledger Account Transactions, Open Batches, Profit & Loss, Revaluation History and Trial Balance.

General Ledger Functions Include:

  • accounts payable
  • journal entries
  • subsidiary ledger
  • asset accounts
  • control accounts
  • Overview of financial health
  • revenues and expenses
  • account records
  • debit and credit
  • double-entry bookkeeping
  • Tracking financial transactions
  • financial statements

Try this module and never miss a digit in your accounting equation.

9 out of 10 accountants recommend Sage 200 Evolution. The Sage Evo General Ledger can handle all your financial record-keeping and reporting needs, no matter the size of your business.

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