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 A Supply Chain Manager’s Guide To Choosing ERP

As a Supply Chain Manager, you need the right solution to manage all supply chain, inventory, distribution, logistics, and operational processes. Your goal is to ensure the company is operating at optimal efficiency. You require best-in-class ERP software in order to guide your operational strategizing and streamline your outsourcing, 3rd party logistics, and strategic partnerships. This is a comprehensive Supply Chain Manager’s guide to choosing the ideal enterprise resource planning software.

Important Key Performance Indicators for Supply Chain Managers

With an integrated ERP solution such as Acumatica, you gain visibility in all your KPIs such as:

Inventory Turnover Ratio, Order Management Accuracy, On-Time Shipping Ratio, Profitability By Item, Operations Productivity, Product Line Profitability, Customer Service Quality, Supplier Costs, Transportation Costs, Transportation Delivery (SLA), Available to Promise Percentage & New Product Time to Market.

How ERP software can increase operational excellence

Acumatica has no restrictions on the number of users allowing you to give your entire team visibility. Enjoy the easy implementation of warehouse systems directly from any mobile device. Improve your overall accuracy and reduce errors through the automation of manual processes. A great ERP solution has highly configurable workflows that allow you to redesign and automate processes to suit your unique requirements.

How ERP can improve demand planning and delivery

Enterprise resource planning software gives you the ability to forecast future demand and improve customer satisfaction by allowing you to keep tight delivery schedules.

How ERP provides opportunities to innovate

With the right solution, you will uncover business processes that drive innovation and monitor their health via dashboards, and enable you to automate those processes to ensure consistency. Take it a step further by meeting advanced distribution centre requirements from any of your major customers.

a comprehensive supply chain managers guide to choosing erp software

Summary of this Supply Chain Manager’s Guide to ERP software

Increase operational excellence

Advanced analytics

Improved demand planning and delivery

Drive innovation

Important KPIs for Supply Chain Managers

Inventory Turnover Ratio, Order Management Accuracy & On-Time Shipping Ratio

Profitability By Item, Operations Productivity & Product Line Profitability

Customer Service Quality, Supplier Costs & Transportation Costs

Transportation Delivery (SLA), Available to Promise % & New Product Time to Market

ERP projects can be stressful. When choosing a business partner, reduce the load by selecting a qualified candidate that is experienced in implementation and able to support you through the process and beyond. ERP systems allow you to optimize your supply chain strategies, offer visibility of relevant supply chain metrics and offer insight into cost-effective opportunities for growth.

By tracking all your supply chain KPIs, such as the percentage of orders, you can strategize and manage your processes more efficiently. Develop the perfect order management & fulfillment workflows.

Streamline your supply chain operations, the procurement of goods and services, general business operations, and maintain visibility of all supply chain KPI with integrated ERP systems. Coupled with manufacturing management, you can enjoy visibility from raw material to finished product. Unlock your business’s true potential and achieve operational excellence, track key performance indicators for effective supply chain management.

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From supply to operations manager, process improvement is a priority to ensure on-time delivery of goods to customers. Accurate performance measurement gives your business a competitive edge and boosts confidence in your business which in turn allows your organization to gain market share. Optimize your fill rate (Fill rate is the number of orders that can be fulfilled at any given time without resorting to backorders or stockout.)

Choose a best-of-breed solution for accurate tracking of inventory levels KPIs and metrics. Allow the power of modern technology built through years of experience.

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A Comprehensive SCM Guide to Choosing ERP Software

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