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Sage 200 Evolution Point of Sale POS System.

Characteristics of Great Point Of Sale

Choosing the right POS software is a major business decision. The Point Of Sale systems you choose will be an integral part of your day-to-day transaction processing. This is definitely not a decision you want to make on a whim. This is why we created this great guide to choosing the right pos system.

Retailers need to ensure that tools used for customers to make payments at their stores are efficient. The goal is to simplify every single point of sale transaction, both for your cashiers and customers alike.

A great retail POS software solution acts as a central hub for sales, inventory and customer management processes. If you are processing a large volume of transactions per day you cannot afford to continue using outdated manual methods, entry-level software like Quickbooks, or the beloved spreadsheets that are holding back your business growth.

You should be using a POS system that works with the payment gateway of your choice and seamlessly integrates with your business management tools. Sage Point Of Sale.
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Sage Point of Sale software (POS) is an affordable, simple, and secure payment handling solution, designed specifically to address the needs of small and medium-sized businesses operating in a retail environment.

The Benefits of Using Good Point Of Sale Systems

  • A great point of sale system is easy to use. With a system that is fully keyboard and mouse-driven, and simplifies processing with quick barcode scans, input is fast and easy.
  • Those regular staff shift changes are no longer a hassle and reallocations of cash float is a breeze. You do not need to open or close shifts. Retail point of sale systems have to be seamless, right?
  • Cashiers are not restricted to using only one till and are able to log in at any till point.
  • You are able to Process cash or account sales from one screen. Furthermore, you can split payments between cash, card, and even EFT and record the payment later.
how to choose the right pos software and point of sale systems for your company
sage retail point of sale software
  • When it comes to your money, we know that security is a priority. With a great POS software solution like Sage Point of sale, you are assured to have a comprehensive, easy to set up, and secure point of sale system.
  • You can decide whether to allow the teller to exceed maximum variances, process price overrides, invoice discounts, returns, quotations, or orders.
  • Sage Retail Point Of Sale allows you to set fields to request the supervisor password before a change is accepted.
  • Allocate customer profiles and maintain accurate customer records. Convenient when running a loyalty program to enhance your customer experience.
  • Compatible with touch screen hardware and easy connection with a receipt printer.

Are you ready to try this powerful POS that is ideal for all retail businesses? Is it compatible with a mobile device?

Fun Facts About Sage 200 Evolution Retail Point Of Sale (POS)

Fun Facts About Sage 200 Evolution Retail Point Of Sale (POS)

  • Uses multi-warehousing functionality to ensure goods are only sold from a specific warehouse during the transaction process
  •  Automatic numbering capability allows you to easily track which till a transaction took place using till codes
  • Allows you to create custom retail POS layouts (custom menu layouts & till screens – easy drag & drop)
  • set custom role-based access & user permissions (Eg. Cash-up, Edit trading session, etc.)
  • The module enables you to gain complete control of till security specifically for transactions processed at your till terminals (eg. allow/disallow specific functions to be carried out by the supervisor within your retail environment)
  • Set min/maximum transaction line discounts & overall discount percentages by agent
web hosted retail point of sale pos Sage

Sage Evolution Retail POS module can be deployed on a web-hosted environment. You would simply install one instance of the software on your main server & create folder directories for each till user. You can then allow your till users to log in remotely.

  • Promotions. If you are running promotions, for eg. Buy any 2 items and get another for free, you can create promotion item lists and enable triggers for when a customer qualifies for the promotion.
  • Till Screen Time-out. Sage Retail POS allows you to set a timeout limit for a screen to automatically lock out the till user after some time of inactivity. This is a key security feature.

Get in touch today and we’d be glad to guide you in choosing the ideal retail point of sale (pos) system for your small business and retail stores. Whether you’re processing cash, credit card, or debit card payments, we have the ideal solution for you. Give us a call on 011 792 9521 today.

  • Simply setup docket discounts per agent and allow them to process discounts in retail up to a certain percentage. This will ensure that agents cannot process discounts above your predefined percentage when they are processing discounts in retail.
  • Reprinting Retail Sales Invoices & Other Documents. When operating in a branch accounting environment, you are able to reprint sales invoices and other documents from the head office or branch company database.

How to set up your Sage 200 Evolution Retails Point Of Sale System.

Sage 200 Evolution is recommended by 9 out of 10 accountants. Paired with the Sage Point Of Sale Add-on Module and the award-winning team at Brilliant Link. Your store’s Retail Point Of Sale System is assured to be seamless, integrated, and help you streamline your day-to-day transaction processing.

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Cash registers, or tills, merely store your cash in a drawer when your customers are ready to pay for the goods you sell. POS systems do that, but most importantly, streamline the running of your retail store. Choose POS software that is feature-rich, robust, and powerful. Looking for a cloud-based POS system and Commerce Management Software to manage transactions online and in-store?

Choose Sage 200 Evolution’s modern POS systems with easy setup for your Retail Point of Service (POS) terminals for easy payment processing. A cost-effective retail POS system rated as one of the top point of sale systems. Invest in a system that unlocks the potential of your state-of-the-art POS hardware. One of the best POS solutions to help you run your business.

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