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About Sage CRM Premium

What is CRM? Customer Relationship Management software makes sales processes simpler while shorting the sales cycle allowing you to make the most of every sale.

With CRM software, sales tasks are automated. This includes the process of creating quotes and orders, drafting sales forecasts, nurturing leads, and turning those leads into sales through intuitive sales workflows.

With Sage CRM Premium, your marketing team will be able to identify sources of leads, opportunities, and closed sales.

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The Benefits of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

How CRM helps your business
  • Enjoy increased revenues through speedy response to customer enquiries and accurate information related to inventory, projects and pricing.
  • Gain real-time insights on the status of incidents and sales opportunity life-cycle.
  • Take advantage of improved business processes by automating workflows and escalations.
  • Project management is a breeze with CRM software. It ensures accurate tracking to optimize profitability and allows you to keep projects on schedule.
Email Marketing with CRM software

CRM solutions, such as Sage 200 Resolve Premium, allow your marketing team to find customer information for upcoming campaigns. Having accurate customer data, you will be confident in sending segmented and targeted email marketing campaigns to the relevant customers.

When your customers make purchases from the email campaigns you have sent out, you can then use your enterprise resource planning (ERP), such as Sage 200 Evolution, to track those orders. This is what makes an integrated Customer Relationship Management solution so powerful. Gain timely visibility of cross-sell opportunities.

Why you should choose Sage 200 CRM Premium

CRM Premium helps your team accomplish more, track email campaigns on popular platforms such as Mailchimp, improve customer service, and get more from every customer relationship.

Read more about the Sage Service Modules to add to your existing Sage 200 Evolution.

sage crm premium all you need to know

Forge seamless processes for your sales team through streamlined contact management, allowing you to enhance customer service and grow your business. Choose a solution that makes it easier to run your business and offers the necessary business insight to support your decision-making.

The Sage Customer Relationship Module gives visibility of customer data enabling you to make informed business decisions. Improve overall insight and communication within your sales, marketing, and other customer-facing departments. Close the information gap between your sales, marketing, and customers service teams with this CRM platform for mid-market and small businesses.

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