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Accounts Payable Workflow Software – Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct Accounts Payable (AP) workflow software empowers you with process automation, allowing you to cut your accounts payable processing time by 65% (or more) annually. With access from any device, you can maintain 24/7 real-time visibility.

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Drive down the cost of running accounts payable in your business

Sage Intacct Accounts Payable software helps you eliminate inefficient workflows

 With real-time access to accounts payable (AP) transactions and data, you can review and react to your current situation with speed and accuracy. No more waiting for batches to post.

  • Point & Click Controls

    Easily and quickly create definitions of your workflows, approvals, and internal control processes.

  • Set Defaults

    Pay the correct amounts to the right vendors and take advantage of discounts.

  • Vendor Reports

    Quickly and easily slice and dice your data to get any view you need.

What makes Sage Intacct Accounts Payable Workflow Software unique?

Here is why companies choose to work with Sage Accounting software.

manage your accounts payable (ap) in realtime with sage intacct financial management software

Real-time Accounts Payable processing

Easily track and view payments, approvals, and reports from anywhere, any time. Enjoy visibility of your accounts payable liabilities and vendor-ageing reports, and bill and check register reports across your business in real-time.


Create automated, configurable processes to enhance internal controls and ensure complete accountability within your business. The power lies in your hands. You can define the workflows and approvals to meet your business requirements. Sage Intacct accounts payable software gives you the freedom to define the AP process that suits your unique business needs.

Streamline your payment processes with Accounts Payable Automation Software.

Sage Intacct Accounts Payable Workflow Software Overview

Workflows and processes. Create automated, configurable processes to enhance internal controls and ensure complete accountability.

Easy data entry. Set defaults for terms, discounts, general ledger accounts, payment priority, and payment dates.

Amortization expenses. Recognize assets from AP bills and expense them either over time or all at once on a set future date.

Access to AP transactions and data. Track and view payments, approvals, and reports.

Real-time reports. Generate accounts payable liabilities and vendor-aging reports, bill and check register reports across your company in real-time.

AP cycle visibility. Define the workflows and approvals so you have complete visibility into the entire AP process.

Sage Intacct is a best-of-breed cloud-based ERP system for small businesses, to mid-market businesses, that streamline workflows for AP teams. Simplify your invoice management by automating invoices & invoice approval with a robust accounting system built by finance, for finance. Automate accounts payable processes and reduce manual data entry and repetitive manual tasks.

Streamline document management, eliminate manual data entry with an AP automation solution. Choose an account payable solution that simplifies workflows from when your team captures invoices for quicker invoice processing. Supercharge your spend management, today!

Save time through the power of AP process automation

Accounts Payable Workflow Software

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