What is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)?

Enterprise Resource Planning software, such as Sage 200 Evolution and Acumatica, provide integrated business management software tools that link your financial accounting, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Manufacturing, Human Resource Management (HRM), Procurement & Distribution, reporting, and analytics on one database giving you a full view of your entire business in real-time.

ERP solutions centralize your data allowing your company’s different departments to enjoy a collaborative workspace. Enterprise Resource Planning cuts out the risk of duplication of data ensuring that you have one version of the truth. Rather than having your accounting department operate as a silo which is separate from your sales and manufacturing departments, you can optimize business processes and take advantage of added efficiencies, simplified workflows, and improved productivity that you may not have enjoyed had you not been using integrated Business Management Software.

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The Benefits Of Enterprise Resource Planning

Unified It Costs

Even though the cost of ERP software may appear to be higher at first glance, using integrated solutions saves organizations a ton of money in the long run. Using multiple standalone legacy software has proven to be expensive, especially when it comes to IT costs. With ERP, you enjoy unified IT costs as opposed to multiple dedicated staff required for standalone solutions that each has varying infrastructure & support requirements.

360 View of Business Processes

ERP software provides dashboards that showcase data from every department in an easy and accessible manner for you and your senior management. It’s in the name, enterprise resources. You can monitor inventory levels and forecast demand in order to ensure that you allocate your capital optimally.

ERP enables business leaders to plan more efficiently as the software provides deeper insights and allows you to spot opportunities to optimize daily processes and manage workflows.

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The Difference Between On-premise ERP and Cloud ERP

The key difference between on-premise ERP and cloud ERP is mainly in how they are accessed and deployed. On-premises ERP software is installed on computers and servers that are owned, or leased, by the organization. Cloud-based ERP is deployed on the cloud (servers are owned or leased by the vendor) and accessed through a web browser. However, both truly enhance your business performance. Integrated ERPs include project management, finance human resources, material requirements planning (MRP) that share a common database. The term ERP stands for Enterprise resource planning which is why your solution should optimize your business performance and streamline business functions.

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The Cost Of Enterprise Resource Planning

The short answer to what is the cost of implementing Enterprise Resource Planning is that it depends. The cost varies depending on whether you opt for an On-premise ERP like Sage 200 Evolution or a Cloud-based solution such as Acumatica. The choice of software would then determine the method of deployment. Which modules are required at the business and how many users will also have a direct impact on the investment.

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An Enterprise Resource Planning system allows organizations to manage their business functions from a centralized and integrated framework, on a single system. We publish insightful enterprise resource planning news on a weekly basis on our ERP blog or you can subscribe to our monthly newsletter below. Give us a call on 011 792 9521 for guidance with choosing a modern ERP system.

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What are MRP and MPR II? MRP is material requirement planning. MRP ii is a modern version that leverages the power of technology for manufacturing resource planning. Both are essentially the same, with the latter being more advanced.

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