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Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional

Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional is a Payroll, Personnel Management & Sage Self Service solution your payroll team will appreciate. Your HR department will benefit from being able to print their Equity and Skills reports. Your employees will love the fact that they can manage leave requests from their mobile apps.

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Enjoy all the benefits of a multi-tenant, cloud solution, always available, from anywhere

Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional offers Automated updates to ensure your business is always up-to-date with tax legislation and regulatory requirements, helping you avoid penalties for not filing on time or calculating tax incorrectly.

Payroll Professional gives you the ability and flexibility to control every aspect of your payroll process with a range of next-generation applications while keeping you in line with legislative guidelines. You’ll find the real-time design makes the software a breeze to use.

What makes this Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional different?

Here is why companies choose to work with Sage’s software.

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Secure, 100% compliant payroll to help you improve business efficiency

Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional has been developed after years of interaction with thousands of clients of every size and industry. You’ll find that it offers every function you need to manage your payroll securely and effectively, giving you the freedom to focus on what’s really important—
being more productive and profitable.

It also gives you flexibility with a range of applications to control every aspect of your payroll, while keeping you legislatively compliant. Payroll Professional allows you to add integrated modules and combine functions to expand its capabilities, adapting to fit your requirements no matter how fast your business grows.

Simply define what you need, and the system can be configured to your specifications. Sage will then train your staff to use the payroll solution to its full potential. With a range of support services available, you’ll always find the right answer, and qualified professionals that are ready to help you.

Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional puts your people at the heart of its system with a logical, integrated, and streamlined personnel management (PM) extension of its payroll component. Payroll Professional PM gives you the functionality to record training, disciplinaries, interviews, items issued, and keep track of various HR-related documentation.

Employee Sage Self Service (SSS) makes processing leave a breeze. It provides your staff with user-friendly tools to update their personal details, apply for leave, submit claims and view payslips online. With SSS, capturing, approving, and maintaining your employees’ leave becomes a streamlined, paperless process.

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Demo: Create a Live Run for Annual Employer Recon submission

Personnel Management

Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional empowers you to look after your employees in a secure, cloud environment. You can keep a record of various employee interactions throughout their careers, and access this information anytime, allowing you to process various queries and access employee information for better decision-making. A logical, integrated, and streamlined extension of our Payroll Professional solution, personnel
management is designed around a business’s human resource responsibilities. You can also improve efficiency and reduce manual interventions with regards to employee claims, leave requests, and Masterfile maintenance through seamless integration with Sage Self Service (SSS).

Sage Self Service

Payroll Professional integrates directly into Sage Self Service (SSS) to streamline your HR process by giving your employees user-friendly tools to update their personal details, apply for leave, submit claims and overtime, and view payslips online. By reducing admin, it gives you more time to focus on the issues that matter most to you—like moving your business forward. Leave-processing? Piece of cake. SSS integrates with Payroll Professional, reducing capture time by allowing your employees to apply
for leave online, while streamlining the approval and maintenance of employee leave by turning it into a completely paperless process.
SSS also allows you to customize the workflow items, reducing your company’s financial liability through improved leave management.

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Put tax worries out of your mind

Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional

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