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Sage modules to grow your business

Unleash the potential of your business with this powerful Sage 200 Evolution accounting software and management tool, giving you a holistic view of your financials, stock, and payroll at a glance. Manage your HR needs, handle orders effortlessly, and keep tabs on your financial data with this tool which has an array of add-on Sage modules available for you. Explore each of these digital tools and you will learn how thousands of businesses have used these Sage solutions to enhance their businesses processes.

  • Account Consolidations

    The account consolidations module allows integration with Receivables and for branches to have separate invoicing...

  • Advanced procurement

    Sage’s advanced procurement enables you to streamline your purchase order and tender processes, and manage it seamlessly.

  • Annuity billing

    The annuity billing module integrates with both Receivables and Inventory, allowing for recurring invoices to take place on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

  • Bank statement manager

    The bank statement manager module assists in electronic population of the cash book when there are large volumes of transactions being processed and imported into a bank statement.

  • Branch accounting

    Branch accounting provides you with a system that consolidates all data, makes it easy and seamless to share the information and allows all data to be kept safe in one centralised place.

  • Bill of materials

    Sage’s bill of materials are designed for the manufacturing and assembly environment and to create assembly sheets of each component.

  • Credit risk management

    Manage your customer credit risk through an easy process, with Sage’s credit risk management.

  • Inventory advisor

    The inventory advisor module is a cloud solution that is affordable, helps companies reduce excess inventory and capital while reducing stock-outs.

  • Information alerts

    In order to become more efficient and encourage better staff productivity, the alert management module streamlines key roles within your company...

  • Point of sale

    The point of sales module ensures that it can integrate with Inventory as well as Receivables...

  • Retail point of sale

    Our retail point of sale module integrates with front office point of sale module and back office software for an end-to-end retail management solution.

  • Job costing

    This add-on module of job costing allows you to invoice your customers easily.

A cost-effective business management solution

Unlock the power of Sage Modules to enhance your Accounting Capabilities

Gain full control with smart, cost-effective software for managing businesses with these. Try it and see why thousands of businesses prefer Sage accounting software and solutions to enhance productivity. It’s extremely easy to implement. Based on your experience, how would you rate Sage modules on a scale of 0 – 10 where 0 is okay and 10 is absolutely amazing? A definite 10, right? Choose Sage Modules to save time and drive your business capabilities to the next level. Let us secure the best deal with Sage today and guide you in choosing solutions that drive revenue growth. Whether you want the Sage Service Module or CRM premium, choose Brilliant Link as your trusted provider of solutions that save time and drive revenue growth. Are you ready to enhance productivity and save time? Drop us a line on 011 792 9521. Enjoy our excellent support and customer experience, today.

  • Lot tracking

    In order to track several units of a stock item (whether it be the same lot or a batch number), the lot tracking module assists in making this an easy and seamless experience.

  • Manufacturing

    The manufacturing module is an extension to the bill of materials module, separating the manufacturing process into different time periods...

  • Intelligence centre

    The intelligence centre is a reporting tool that is a result of combining a leading accounting software with Microsoft® Excel, assisting with how you make decisions about your business.

  • Debtor's manager

    The debtor’s manager tool provides the opportunity to improve debt collection processes with reports that showcase what employees need to do in order to collect these outstanding debts.

  • Multi-currency

    Using the multi-currency module enables you to process customer or supplier transactions in their preferred currency, tracking these values in both the foreign and local currency...

  • Fixed assets

    In the fixed assets module, you will be able to add an unlimited amount of assets or forms of depreciation...

  • Multi-warehousing

    This add-on module of multi-warehousing ensures that you are able to keep inventory items in discrete areas or in your company warehouses.

  • Serial number tracking

    With the need to track items individually, you will need to use a reliable solution like the serial number tracking module.

  • Pricing matrix

    Sage’s pricing matrix module adds flexibility, by giving you the ability to establish volume-based or time-based price breaks.

  • Sage Evolution CRM

    The CRM module is a tool that makes interaction with your business, suppliers, colleagues and customers seamless.

  • Service manager

    The service manager module can fully integrate with Sage Evolution accounting and ERP, and assists with scheduling and managing the services of assets.


Discover the untapped potential of your business through implementing Sage 200 Evolution accounting software. Sage 200 Evolution will provide you with robust business management tools needed to obtain a holistic view of your business. Choose from the listed Sage modules and more. Powerful, Best-in-class digital tools. Take control of all your business processes with a unified business management suite from ERP financials, operations, and payroll HR. You’ll understand why thousands of businesses recommend Sage Pastel software and see how it helps you run your business more efficiently. Kickstart your companies digital transformation today with these digital tools. Learn about simplifying work orders and Sage 200 Evolution Job Costing.

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