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Data Visualization Software – Sage Intacct Interactive Visual Explorer

Sage Intacct Interactive Visual Explorer, a data visualization software solution, enables you to transform your business strategy through interactive visual insights into your business’ financials. Explore data visually and get answers to questions you didn’t know to ask.

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Interactively explore your financial data using a multi-angle, multi-dimensional graphical tool.

The data visualization software, Sage Intacct Interactive visual explorer, allows you to find answers to financial and operational questions.

Get up and running with no IT resources, big implementation costs, or server maintenance. Look to the future with predictive analytic insights. Turn insights into action with visual storytelling and narration.

what is data visualization? sage intacct south africa

What is data visualization?

Data visualization is the graphical representation of information and data. With Sage Intacct Interactive Visual Explorer, you can analyze your financial data visually across multiple business dimensions transforming it into quickly digestible information.

The benefits of data visualization

  • Data visualization enables you to visually analyze data making it simpler to gain an instant understanding of the unique stories that data carries.
  • Easily compare data over multiple periods and spot trends, patterns and correlations.
  • Timely reporting and eliminate time lags, making your business more agile with real-time financial data.
  • A shallow learning curve enables you to explore your data without the need for IT or specialized skills/training.

Turn visualized data insight into actionable solutions

Choose a solution that allows you to share insights in an instant, either internally via the Sage Intacct Interactive Visual Explorer dashboards, or externally (via PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, CSV) for 3rd party consumption.

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Enjoy plug-n-play analytics

With Interactive Visual Explorer you don’t need your IT department, a costly implementation, or ongoing server maintenance. Your data connection and structures are all prebuilt and ready for analysis. You can be confident in the accuracy and security of your data with native analytics built on transactional data and use of the same permissions you’ve already set up in Sage Intacct. All you need to do is subscribe and you’re up and running. With over 200+ prebuilt, interactive visuals, you get insights right away. Or, you can easily modify the prebuilt visuals using hierarchical field selection, drag-and-drop, and multiple views to get the exact data you need.

Help your stakeholders understand insights at-a-glance with 25+ data visualization types to choose from to best tell your story. Enjoy access to world-class visualization techniques.

With unprecedented interactivity for a financial solution, you can explore your information for a deeper understanding on-the-fly. You can instantly spot trends and patterns, identify outliers, see into the future, and more, so you can quickly understand and respond to problems and opportunities.

Tailor and select the visuals that tell your story in the best format for your audience and inspire confidence in decision-making.

Sage Intacct Interactive Visual Explorer – Data Visualization Software Overview

Data visualization empowers your decision-making by taking large amounts of data and simplifying them in a more digestible manner through pie charts, bar charts, line charts, scatter plots enabling you to identify patterns while offering recommended actions. Unlock the power of machine learning for superior insights.

At Brilliant Link, we also offer bespoke Business Intelligence and reporting analytics services. Enjoy visual representation of complex data. We use your ERP as primary data sources and populate dashboards to simplify your data analysis. You don’t have to be a data scientist. Unlock the power of your business with custom management packs and enjoy the power of industry-leading data visualization tools. Drop us a line on 011 792 9521 and we’d be glad to provide more information on the types of visualizations using your key data points or data set. Expedite your decision-making with information visualization. Understanding data is simpler when it’s visual. Interpreting big data is simplified. Modern businesses are data-driven which is why you require the most accurate representation of data.

Visual data provides insight at a glance.

Data Visualization Software

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