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Lot Tracking on Sage 200 Evolution

What is a Lot in Inventory?

A batch of products that are manufactured or collected in a specified group and identified by a shared lot number. The items in a lot share attributes such as their date of production, production variation, or expiry date.

What is Lot Tracking?

Lot tracking, Lot traceability, or manufacturing traceability all mean the same thing. It is a system used to identify which supplier lots have been used for which finished product and who the finished products were delivered to.

What is the importance of Lot Tracking?

The ability to track every piece of inventory that makes its way in and out of your warehouse is invaluable. With the right lot control system, you can safeguard your customer’s health, maintain your company’s reputation, and keep costs under control. You will avoid scenarios such as shipping out batches of expired products.

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Avoid costly recalls and shipping of expired goods with Sage Evolution Lot Tracking

Why you need Lot Control in your warehouse?

Picture this. It is 11 pm at night and one of the retailers that you supply calls saying that one of the packaged food products that you supplied them was already passed the expiry date when delivered. Luckily they were able to spot the specific batch and you will only need to recall that batch alone. Without a lot tracking system in place, scenarios such as these can be expensive. Both expense wise and also reputation-wise. Get in touch for more information on Sage 200 evolution Lot Tracking.

Why you should choose Sage 200 Evolution Lot Tracking

Sage Evolution Lot Tracking gives you greater control of your
inventory, helping you manage both the quality and sell-by dates of your stock.

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