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Sage 200 Evolution Bank Manager – Automated Bank Feeds & Streamlined Bank Reconciliation

Gone are the days when you had to manually capture each and every transaction from your bank statement. With Sage Bank Manager you will now be excited to reconcile bank statements.

You simply need to download your bank statement from your FNB, Standard Bank, Absa, Nedbank,  or any other major bank account and map the bank transactions to the related ledger accounts, debtor accounts, or creditor accounts, and the Bank Manager system will assign each transaction automatically every time you import it. Download your bank statements via online banking and simply import them via bank manager ensuring accurate and streamlined processes when preparing bank reconciliations.

Enjoy bank feeds whether you have a business checking account (cheque), savings, or transmission account. Gain visibility of deposits in transit, and outstanding checks.

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learn how to reconcile bank statements with sage evolution bank manager
streamline your processes when you reconcile bank statements

 Bank Manager add-on module eliminates the process of manually capturing transactions from your bank statement when you reconcile bank statements.

Save time with Automated Bank Feeds

With automated bank feeds, you no longer have to manually download your bank statements in order to import them to your cash book. Through the power of automation, bank feeds automatically download transactions from your bank account into Sage 200 Evolution. Save time by reducing the need to manually create entries, and simplify bank recons. Stay up to date and enjoy the accuracy of the unlimited number of bank feeds. You can automatically download transactions for the past 90 days. New transactions are normally downloaded every 24 hours, depending on your bank, and will automatically display in the bank account. However, you can also initiate a transaction download for any connected account. Enjoy accurate accounting records with no bank errors. Sage 200 Bank feeds automate bank reconciliation. Choose Sage accounting software to streamline your bank reconciliation process without having to enter transactions manually. Automatically import and connect a bank feed to your cash book to prevent errors through the power of the Sage 200 Evolution bank manager. Create transaction matching rules for accurate automated journal entries.

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What is Sage Evolution Bank Manager?

The Sage 200 Evolution Bank Manager allows you to match the transactions processed in your cashbook with your bank statement. This allows you to verify and ensure you have the correct transactions, both on your Sage Evolution cashbook and your bank statement.

The benefits of being able to perform bank recons on a weekly basis:
  • It ensures the validity of your cashbook’s posted transactions, as well as advising you on the need for processing corrective transactions in the General ledger Cashbook batch, relative to your bank statement.
    • You may be able to detect possible fraudulent transactions on either the bank statement or in the Evolution cashbook and take appropriate actions to address this.

Why choose Sage Bank Manager to Reconcile Bank Statements

You need to automate the process of comparing bank deposits, adjusting the bank statement balances, correct your cash account, and avoid any human error when you are making your adjustments.

With Pastel Bank Manager you enjoy the following benefits while you reconcile your company bank statements:

  • Automated compilation of your cash book using your electronic bank statements that you receive monthly from your bank.
  • Once you have mapped all the recurring transactions, Sage Bank Manager will assign the transactions to the accounts as per your coding.
  • This means you only have to code new transactions once and bank manager will do the tedious work for you.
  • Flexibility is the name of the game. Should you wish to assign certain bills to specific departments, Sage Bank Manager enables you to split lines into multiple accounts and reuse them.
  • Once all the transactions have been assigned to the relevant accounts, simply select the option to create the cash book batch and the transactions will immediately be transferred to your cash book, for you to continue as usual. Always ensure that your cash book matches your bank records.

Manually spotting double payment errors, missed payments, and computation errors can get difficult. Even for a seasoned finance manager.

Bank reconciliation done through accounting software is easier and error-free. Get all the functionality, security, and flexibility you need at the tip of your fingers.

how to make sure you bank balance matches your general ledger balance when you reconcile bank statements with pastel evolution bank manager

How does the Sage Evolution Bank Manager Work?

  • The Bank Manager Module, an Add-on Module for Sage 200 Evolution, allows for the cashbook to be electronically populated when a bank statement is imported into the system. This module is incredibly useful where large volumes of transactions are processed each month and removes most of the manual processing required to reconcile the transactions.
  • The Bank Manager Module can be accessed through e General Ledger batch and can use all the statements from all the major banks in South Africa as the basis for this importation. Simply path to the file downloaded from your bank, select it, and the file will be imported.
  • Once imported, you will see a dashboard overview giving a breakdown of all statements receipts, and payments as well as a graphical representation of all allocated vs unallocated amounts. Additionally, you can look up higher periods and look at closing balances and also review a yearly trend.
  • The dashboard can be brought back at any time by clicking on the summary button allowing you to check your progress.
  • All transactions are grouped into payments and receipts tabs. However, you can also choose to view all transactions by clicking on the “All” tab. The Bank Manager module helps make the manual bank recon process very easy.
  • Map transactions to specific modules and record the related account number. Specific transactions can be split across multiple lines. Processed work can be saved and accessed at a later stage.
sage pastel bank manager module
Why do I need to reconcile company bank statements?

Keeping a handle on your company finances is a key driver of your business success. You need to ensure that the bank balance on your monthly statements matches your reported general ledger (GL) balance. Many a time, these balances don’t quite match and this is why you will need to identify the discrepancies and ensure that every transaction is accounted for and your bank balance matches with the balance on your records. Simplify the compilation of your bank reconciliation statement. No matter which banking service you use. Sage 200 Evolution Bank Manager supports all major banks in South Africa.

The Bank manager module makes the month-end close less painful. Tracking cash balances, bank fees, servicing fees, and reconciling your cash book and account balance no longer have to be a nightmare.

No more manual bank statement downloads from your online bank service and having to constantly enter your email address and bank login details. Import transaction data through automated Sage bank feeds directly from your business cheque and credit card accounts with this bank reconciliation software. Eliminate the time-consuming process of constantly logging in and out of your banking profile and repetitively entering your banking credentials just to download a monthly statement for recon and month-end close purposes. Simplify account reconciliations, today!

9 out of 10 accountants recommend Sage 200 Evolution. Paired with the Sage Bank Manager Add-on Module and the award-winning team at Brilliant Link. Moving forward from today, you no longer need to sigh every time you reconcile bank statements.

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Sage Bank Manager. The best solution to Reconcile Bank Statements


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