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How Sage Evolution Simplifies Head Office and Branch Accounting

Your business has grown to new heights with multiple locations and branches countrywide, perhaps even globally. However, maintaining a grip on your finances can be a nightmare. Many business leaders have avoided head office and Branch accounting in the past as you previously had to go through tedious manual consolidations.

Enter Sage Evolution! A solution that ensures the frequent synchronization of financial information giving your business that optimal performance, productivity, and accuracy it needs. Get a real-time view of your financial position with industry-leading accounting systems and financial data you can rely on to make informed business decisions and that accurate accounts are maintained.

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how sage evolution branch accounting simplifies your financials

Centralized Branch Accounting

Sage Evolution Branch Accounting gives you the freedom to select a fitting configuration. With centralized branch accounting, the head office and affiliated branches will log into the head office database via a terminal server or another means of direct access. This will update the head office database immediately. Stay prepared if even you need forensic accounting or during internal auditing. Ideal for simplifying the dreaded season where you will need to submit tax returns with tax accounting where fiduciary accounting representatives are involved.

Decentralized Branch Accounting

However, if you would prefer the decentralized configuration, this option will enable you to synchronize your branches’ data into the head office database for consolidated reporting using an FTP server. Branches can transact locally and independently from the head office, using an FTP server to transfer data within the branch accounting environment. The frequency of the uploading and downloading of data can be specified according to organizational policies and procedures.

For Multinationals

You may have built a multi-national empire and your success should not limit you. With Sage Evolution, you can implement Branch accounting beyond just the country that your headquarters are located in.

However, you have to decide which main currency you will be reporting in. Your branches can continue to trade using the multi-currency add-on module. You will also need the Sage Business Intelligence Centre to convert the different currencies to your selected reporting currency.

Simplify Your Reporting

Enjoy the simplicity of producing consolidated reports directly from your head office. You can take it a step further by producing branch-specific at a branch level as well. The Sage Business Intelligence Center accommodates your business structure to optimize your reporting. Whether it’s cost accounting or getting accurate profit and loss statements, Sage 200 Evolution brings simplicity to Branch accounting. It’s an asset you would love to have on your balance sheet. Choose a trusted partner to help you select the ideal accounting information systems that ensure compliance with relevant tax laws, and simplify workflows for small businesses.

You are now able to analyze your business at any time, knowing that the financial information produced is an accurate reflection of your business’s performance without interruption. Keeping accurate and up-to-date accounting records simplifies and saves time during the process of preparing reports about business operations that help managers make short-term and long-term decisions (Management Accounting) and other key accounting branches.

Branch accounting involves a system in which separate accounts are maintained for each branch or operating location of an organization. With Sage 200 Evolution Branch accounting, you can streamline journal entries and maintain up-to-date accounting information, while keeping a record of all your business transactions.

Choose a solution that makes management accounting simpler. Consolidate all your journal entries from multiple accounting branches and locations. Get a singular view of all your locations’ accounting information and accounting records.

Centralize your data and optimize the accounting process with an Enterprise Resource Planning system.

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