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Sage Advanced Procurement Module | Automate Procurement Processes & Simplify Supply Chain Management

Keeping up with the ever-changing statutory prescripts can be difficult but managing your supply chain shouldn’t be. With the right software like the Sage Advanced Procurement module, you can automate procurement processes, streamline your procurement management while maintaining compliance with your statutory obligations and requirements.

No need to be nervous about unnecessary time delays when requesting approvals from management. The Sage Evolution Advanced Procurement Module makes budget validations and authorizations a pleasure. Indeed, you may be asking yourself what the benefits of automating procurement processes are. Here is a detailed list of the benefits of automation and streamlining your procurement management.

Automate Your Procurement Processes today with Sage Advanced Procurement.
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a detailed explanation of the benefits of automating procurement processes
how the sage evolution advanced procurement add on modules automates procurement processes

The Sage Advanced Procurement module fulfills all your supply chain requirements.

The Benefits Automated Procurement Precesses

Workflows to manage Requisitions & Tender Cycles

Sage Advanced Procurement enables you to create requisitions and add multiple levels of approval. Linking your suppliers and send out Request For Quotes with ease. Import all your supplier quotes, attach and view documents all within the software. Compare and evaluate quotes and suppliers per automated criteria, including the Preferential Procurement Points system. With this automated procurement processing solution, you can automatically calculate your supplier scores and enjoy the multiple-level RFQ and Purchase Order functionality.

Prospective and Preferred Supplier Management

Categorize prospective suppliers by commodities and link them to their sectors. You can set your own qualification criteria and choose your ideal preferred supplier rotation schedule. Unlock the true potential of your procurement department.

Accurate Supply Chain Expenditure Management

Easily compare your budgets against approved purchase orders in contrast with the actual expenditure. All your cost centres are linked to agents as well as the relevant General Ledger (GL) accounts. Set your required permission for each agent and commodity sector and reduce the risk of incorrect allocations in order to maintain focussed buying. Reason codes for authorized deviations mitigate the risk of unauthorized and irregular expenditure.

Value-Added Benefits:
  • Compliance with BBBEE Procurement Prescripts as per PPPFA regulations
  • Email Notification to all Agents. This allows agents to view and action their outstanding requisitions. Furthermore, the Advanced Procurement Notification Centre enables managers to re-assign requisitions to another agent.
how to automate your procurement management and procurement processes

Sage 200 Evolution is recommended by 9 out of 10 accountants. Paired with the Sage Advanced Procurement Add-on Module and the award-winning team at Brilliant Link. Your procurement management System is assured to be automated, seamless, integrated, and help you streamline your day-to-day transaction processing.

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Streamline all the steps in the procurement process, today. Gain visibility of procured goods and save time through automation with no need to constantly double-check for manual entry errors.

What is a Procurement Management Process?

A procurement management process, also known as a procurement process, is the method a company uses to purchase items from their external suppliers. This entails managing orders, receipt, review, and approval of the items you sourced from your suppliers.

The manual processing of procurement has proven to be inefficient and costly. This is why you need a Procurement processing solution like Sage Advanced procurement which allows you to shorten your purchasing cycles, never miss another discount on products or services, and avoid transaction disputes.

Using an advanced procurement software solution gives you access to insights on how you could optimize your procurement strategy and shorten your procurement cycle. Furthermore, you will be able to measure supplier performance and have the confidence that you have the best tools available for your procurement team.

Find opportunities to enhance your procurement system and ensure you have the best service from your suppliers of goods or services. You will enjoy using this procurement software.

A typical procurement process includes

  • Identifying the needs of goods and services.
  • Finding suppliers.
  • Requesting proposals/quotations (RFP/RFQ)
  • Negotiating with suppliers.
  • Agreeing terms (legally binding) with suppliers. Ironing out all the terms and conditions.
  • Purchase requisition. When you fill out a purchase requisition, you are not yet purchasing anything.
  • Purchase order and invoice
  • Arranging and receiving products/services.
  • Performing quality assurance.
  • Analyzing results and margins.

Streamline your procurement process flow and enjoy the long-term advantages of investing in an efficient solution that allows you to track from the moment you obtain goods or services and every other stage of the procurement prior to that. Make life easier for your finance team.

Eliminate bottlenecks in the payment process during procurement and purchasing. Power up your procurement and supply chain management. Enjoy an on-demand view of your list of suppliers, manage the selected supplier, and optimize delivery times.

Learn more about our IT consulting services here. Drop us a line on 011 792 9521 and we’d be glad to assist you in selecting the ideal system for your services, procurement, and purchase request management.

Choose a cost-effective solution to supercharge your bottom line.

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