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Acumatica modules to grow your business

Here is a list of all Acumatica modules and how they can benefit your business. Acumatica has flexible software licensing plans where you don’t need to pay by the user – only for the computing power that you use. This allows you to add capabilities as your business grows, add users without needing to buy an additional license, and only paying for what you need – when you need it. Use the power of Acumatica to unlock real-time sales data giving you a complete view of your business performance during any sales cycle giving you the insight to optimize your sales process.

Acumatica customer management provides a consolidated view of all customer data [ Read More About Acumatica customer relationship management]. The intuitive dashboards and reports simplify the process of managing forecast quotas. Meet your forecast quotas and measure results in a few clicks. It will change the way your team approaches every sales cycle. Enjoy reports that provide real-time and accurate data allowing you to maintain control of your business accounting.

  • Financial Management

    Financial management software provides a full suite of accounting functionality to businesses.

  • Customer relationship management (CRM)

    Acumatica Customer Relationship Management (CRM) suite was considered in every aspect when it was built, and was not merely just an ‘add on’.

  • Order management

    Acumatica’s Order management module provides businesses the ability to control inventory replenishment.

  • Employee Management

    The Human Resource Management suite focuses on streamlining all communication between your team members.

  • Technology Platform

    The Acumatica xRP technology platform provides the chance to empower your development team...

  • Inventory management

    Having an advanced inventory management and tracking system, allows you to focus on growing your profitability...

  • Manufacturing management

    Acumatica’s manufacturing system is a complete, holistic control and planning platform for stock and orders...

  • Service management

    Acumatica’s Service Management software allows you to track every detail and moment of your field service operations, and track this accurately.

  • Commerce management

    In order to ensure a smooth and consistent experience for your customer, we recommend using the Commerce Management software...

Acumatica 2020 R1 release notes Overview – Acumatica Modules

The release on 2020 R1 has improved usability, introduces powerful new Acumatica modules, enhanced the best-in-class functionality, improved cross-connected workflows, and delivers additional codeless customization capabilities.

Enjoy a solution that streamlines your business management process, cash management, deferred revenue management, distribution management. With a native apple/android mobile app, you can manage your business on the go. Whether you require more intuitive accounts payable, or project accounting. Choose an ERP system that you can deploy on a public or private cloud.

infographic on how acumatica modules benefit your business efficiency
Take back time with superior usability

Take back time with superior usability

Acumatica elevates the user experience with this new release. The Acumatica Cloud xRP Platform delivers flexibility and ease of use for modern business applications. Acumatica users spend less time figuring out how to do their work and more on getting things done.
Eliminate business silos with powerful new native modules

Eliminate business silos with powerful new native modules

In 2020 R1, Acumatica delivers robust, new modules so that you can run your entire business on one system. Dominate Your Markets with Omnichannel Commerce. Cut Overhead Expenses and Keep Your Employees Happy with In-House Payroll.
Turbocharge growth with best in class functionality

Turbocharge growth with best in class functionality

Acumatica is tailor-made for midmarket growth businesses and delivers best in class capabilities by combining core functions into a single integrated business-wide software suite. In 2020 R1, we provide new features and enhancements to all our industry editions.
Tailor Acumatica Modules to your business without writing code

Tailor Acumatica Modules to your business without writing code

Utilize online tools to develop reports, modify workflows, add user-defined fields, and much more without writing a single line of code. Acumatica enables you to tailor your instance to the way that you conduct business.
Accelerate your business with cross-connected workflows

Accelerate your business with cross-connected workflows

We know that business workflows must span functional boundaries and allow easy and effective communications across your organization. With Acumatica’s cloud solution, you can orchestrate end-to-end workflows, boost productivity, and ultimately accelerate your business.

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