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Acumatica Cloud Inventory Management Software

Why do I need Inventory Management Software?

Never lose sight of costs as you manage distribution processes across multiple warehouses or locations. Inventory management software allows you to receive inventory to a specific location and drill down to change item default lot/serial numbers, valuation methods, accounts, and more. With an inventory tracking solution that has automated capabilities, you can easily manage stock replenishment, perishable inventory, and build or disassemble kits.

Simplify item and inventory management with features designed to flex to the way you manage your warehouse and distribution center. Choose Acumatica advanced cloud inventory management and tracking software. Streamline and control your inventory across all your warehouse locations.

Simplify your inventory tracking workflows.

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The Benefits of using the Acumatica Cloud Inventory Management Software

Inventory Optimization

Increase inventory turns with replenishment automation. With barcoding and physical inventory, the cloud based inventory management solution improves inventory accuracy.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Avoid stock-outs with an efficient inventory management system. With real-time access to inventory/ stock levels, coupled with customer specific pricing, you can honor all contracts and fulfill orders on time.

Cost Containment

Simplify your warehouse management processes. Acumatica inventory tracking software enables you to accurately track the cost of goods sold as well as inventory carrying costs. Reduce rush orders, identify low-cost vendors, minimize freight charges, and reduce write-offs for expired or obsolete inventory.

Complex Item Management

Create product families based on item and attribute variations by leveraging matrix items. Define custom units of measure and conversions. Manage lot and serial tracked items.

Acumatica Cloud Inventory tracking features and capabilities

Enjoy a cloud-based inventory management system that allows you to reduce the cost of ordering excess stock and the associated holding costs. With accurate demand forecasts, you can ensure you always keep the optimal amount of product to cater to your customer’s needs.

  • Inventory Replenishment. Define min and max order quantities, reorder points, seasonality, lead times, safety stock, and forecast models to calculate replenishment.
  • Multiple Warehouse Locations. Setup and manage multiple warehouse locations with stocking locations defined by aisle, row, rack, slot, and bin. Define location defaults for receiving, returns, shipping, and drop-shipment transactions. Prioritize pick locations by item and by the warehouse.
  • Sub-Items and Matrix Items. Create and manage matrix items based on size, color, and other attributes and values. Matrix items streamline purchasing and sales processes. Setup sub item codes by SKU to differentiate between product variations such as grade, manufacturer, or other variables.
  • Physical Inventory Management. Create movement classes and ABC rank codes to determine physical inventory frequency.
  • Pricing, Discounts, and Promotions. Manage complex pricing and discount policies including volume discounts and multiple discounts per item. Maintain policies for price overrides, customer pricing, and commissions.

Lowering inventory is one of the top objectives for management. However, the goal is to lower inventory without increasing the likelihood of stockouts or shortages. With inventory control/stock control software, you can maintain accurate inventory records, and gain insight for proactive planning to avoid shortages or overstocking. The benefits of an integrated inventory system are countless. Chat to one of our consultants about how inventory software can enhance your business.


Keep track of all types of stock on one integrated system. With best-in-class inventory control systems, you gain full control and avoid carrying excess stock that ends up gathering dust in your warehouses. Improve your inventory management technique. Try Acumatica Inventory Management to track any type of inventory in real-time.

Overwhelmed by managing a large amount of inventory? Speak to one of our experienced consultants today and we’d be glad to guide you in choosing the right stock control system for effective inventory management.

Easily control inventory across warehouse locations with cloud inventory management software

Acumatica Cloud Inventory Management

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