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All you need to know about the Acumatica Customer Self-Service Portal

Save your customer’s time and provide extra value by offering them the ability to access their information and perform related activities on the Acumatica Customer Self-service Portal. The portal allows you to give your customers access to their contracts, contracts, financial statements, support cases, and more.

Simplify and enhance communication with your customers. Given that Acumatica is an integrated solution, the customer portal works with your CRM and sales order management. This will allow your customers to access information on their interactions and perform account-related activities online.

Reduce customer queries by availing access to FAQs through your knowledge-base and convenient document sharing.

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The Benefits of using the Acumatica Customer Self-Service Portal

24/7 Access

Customers can access account information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without picking up the phone or sending an email.

Document Sharing

Provide a secure location to share marketing material, educational material, company policies and FAQs with customers.

Easy Customer Account Enquiries

Give customers the ability to see all historical documents, balances, due dates, payments received and amount due. Customers can also update address, contact and user access details.

Online Ordering

Business partners and resellers can view inventory and place orders themselves—speeding up the ordering process and freeing your sales team to focus on other activities.

Acumatica Customer Portal Features and Capabilities

  • Convenient self-service capabilities. By using Self-Service Portal, your customers can access their account information, create and manage support cases, and create and track online orders—all without picking up the phone or sending an email. All of these services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Customer self-update their information. Customers can view and promptly update their company address and contact information, to keep the data in the system up to date at all times.
  • Financial Overview. Customers have the ability to see all historical documents, balances, due dates, payments received, and amount due.
  • Customer Case management. Submit new cases, which seamlessly flow into Acumatica ERP. The customers can view the cases they submitted, track the statuses of these cases, provide additional information when required, and reopen closed cases.
  • Ordering Online. With Acumatica Distribution Management applications, your business partners can use the Self-Service Portal to browse inventory and place orders on-line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The customer tracks the status of the order, shipments, and view the invoice.
  • Online catalogue. With online ordering in Acumatica Self-Service Portal, you give your customers access to the products you sell with their descriptions and images. You control which products are visible to each user and which warehouses goods can be shipped from.
  • Real-time pricing and inventory details. Inventory and pricing is always up to date because it is connected to the same database as your Acumatica Distribution Management applications
  • Document Sharing. Self-Service Portal provides a secure location to share important content with customers, such as marketing and technical documents — all without the need to build a separate webpage.
  • Knowledge base. The Knowledge Base (KB) wiki is designed to host support references, such as information on specific solutions, frequently asked questions (FAQ), and common troubleshooting issues and their resolutions. The KB articles, created and published by your company’s support professionals, ensure that your customers can search the knowledge base to find answers to their questions whenever they want.

Let your customers DIY through secure password-protected access to their accounts. The modern-day customer expects instant gratification and this portal allows you to fast-track your service and improve customer communication.

Reduce the number of grievances and service backlogs. Create accounts, enjoy knowledge management by providing your customers with a knowledge base of FAQs and knowledge base articles. Customers love the sense of autonomy and the portal improves your customer experiences. Empower yourself with secure file sharing with the file-sharing service and easy access to file storage.

Choose Acumatica and improve your customer satisfaction. A business management system with intuitive knowledge base software for you to provide your customers access to readily available information. Share documents. Secure access by email address.

Gone are the days when you had to keep large file size brochures on google drive. Customer communications and self-service simplified.

Deliver greater value to your customers with the Acumatica Self-service Portal

Acumatica Customer Portal

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