how does integrated crm and erp help sales teams

Why Sales teams love Integrated CRM & ERP

Are you still monitoring your business sales activities manually on a spreadsheet? What view do you have of your sales funnels? How do you manage follow-ups, communications, and support cases? If these questions make you feel a little uncomfortable, then you will find value in this guide. This guide highlights why sales teams love integrated CRM & ERP solutions.

The Power of integrated CRM & ERP

Most CRM solutions do the same thing. They offer all the necessary insight you require to track sales activities, sales funnels, follow-ups, communication, and support. However, without integration with your accounting system, there is a glaring blind spot.

An integrated CRM and ERP solution gives you a competitive advantage with real-time insight into even more customer information. Crucial information that you would otherwise need to source manually from a separate accounting system.

With an integrated solution, you get visibility of your customer’s last order date, past due & historic invoices or transactions. It is information that will be of high value to your sales team as it gives a clear view of customer information and interactions at the click of a few buttons. And, most importantly, within the same system.

Valuable Information at the Sales Team’s Fingertips

It’s impossible to have control and simplified management of sales teams if they all work on manual spreadsheets. How do you then go about consolidating that data without wasting valuable time? Jumping between checking customer emails in Outlook, checking the CRM, and then accessing the accounting system to check transaction history is a tedious process.

Integrated CRM and ERP solutions offer timesaving, process automation, and dashboards that give you a real-time view of inventory, financials, distribution, and customer information within a central system. Sales teams love integrated CRM & ERP as it frees up time and allows them to focus on more valuable tasks. Management loves it because of the increased efficiency and readily available insight into opportunities to improve sales.

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