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Reliable Disaster Recovery Services – South Africa

Ensure business continuity by employing systems and policies that safeguard your business data from unexpected human-induced disasters as well as natural disasters. We offer secure, stable, and reliable disaster recovery services. Protect your business data from power outages, cyber-attacks, and any other unexpected circumstances. Enjoy peace of mind with our disaster recovery plans for businesses of any size. Protect your data with world-class business cyber security.

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Redstor – Brilliant Cloud Backups

We offer instant, easy, and cost-effective business data recovery. Secure your business against losses and reputational damages that can be caused by a lack of access to your business data due to cyber attacks. Get instant access to your files in the event of any disaster.

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Altaro Physical/Virtual Server Backup

Physical to virtual (P to V) backup solution to back up physical Windows servers and restore them to a virtual environment. Companies and organizations with virtualized server environments sometimes also have some physical machines and these too require data protection. Back up your physical servers and restore them to a virtual environment.

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Why choose Brilliant Link Disaster Recovery Solutions?

The Brilliant Link IT Consulting Department offers backups for physical servers (legacy servers). We can protect your physical server machine and restore the content in a virtual format. Enjoy access to a backup schedule that is ideal for your needs. If your physical servers are affected by unforeseen disasters, we can easily restore them and you can access them virtually. This ensures that if your hardware is irreparably damaged, you can maintain access to all your files via our fully functional virtual machines. Protect your business against unexpected data loss with our data recovery services.

With best-in-class hardware and software, advanced cyber security, cloud-based storage, we offer reliable recovery and business continuity. Give us a call on 011 792 9521 and let’s chat about your backup and recovery needs to ensure you protect your business with our cloud backup services. Most importantly, cost-effective backup plans.

Let us empower your business with safe, secure, reliable, and cost-effective disaster recovery. We’ll recommend a bespoke disaster (DR) plan and recovery point objective (RPO) that is suitable to your unique requirements. Backup your data from multiple sites from a single control centre and ensure your team has access from anywhere at any time. Get in touch today on 011 792 0521 and we’d be glad to guide you through your disaster recovery and business IT solutions using world-class backup software and enjoy a cost-effective DRaaS solution.

Choose Brilliant Link as your trusted provider of business data backup services. For reliable data management, cloud storage, and pricing designed for small business owners. Contact us for reliable disaster recovery and business continuity solutions.

Safeguard your data against cyber threats through a combination of superior data storage, network security, and an effective business continuity plan. We offer a hot site ( a backup facility that represents a mirrored copy of the primary production center) to ensure you have peace of mind and no interruptions to business operations.

Contact us for a risk assessment and safeguard your business interruptions caused by lost data.

  • Hyper-V & VMware Backup & Replication

    Virtual machine (VM) backup and replication solution for Hyper-V and VMware environments

  • Microsoft 365/Office 365 Backup

    Backup solution for Microsoft 365 mailboxes and files stored in OneDrive and SharePoint, with unlimited storage

  • Windows Server Backup

    Physical to virtual (P to V) backup solution to back up physical Windows servers and restore them to a virtual environment

What makes our IT Consulting department different?

Here is why companies choose our disaster recovery solutions.

Instant Time to Value

No capex outlay, no offsite media

Complete Management

Centralized access to all your company data

Unthrottled Access

Stream data on-demand to obliterate your recovery objectives

24/7/365 Data Availability

Access your data/files from the cloud with minimal effort from your team

Full System Recovery

Recover physical, virtual or cloud-hosted machines


Your data is protected securely offsite to safeguard your business from any loss

Choose Brilliant Link to secure your data against any type of disaster at our world-class data center with superior back software. We offer Disater Recovery as a Service  (DRaaS) and guarantee to recover your data in a manner that meets your recovery time objective (RTO).

* Recovery time objective refers to the duration it takes and the service level within which a business process must be restored after a disaster in order to avoid unacceptable consequences associated with a break in continuity.

Enjoy peace of mind from the moment we conduct the initial backup on secure disaster recovery dr.

disaster recover cloud and server backups offsite and secure

Back up and restore with confidence

Regular testing of your disaster recovery processes gives you peace of mind and the confidence that you can respond rapidly in the event of a crisis.

Access the files and information you need, immediately, in the event of a disaster.

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Gain peace of mind knowing that your business data is safe, secure, and readily available whenever you need it

Disaster Recovery South Africa

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