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Sage Intacct for Software & SaaS Businesses | Subscriptions

Sage Intacct for Software & SaaS Businesses empowers you to lead strategic planning with forecasts and visibility into management levers. Get trusted data sooner without reconciling multiple systems. Streamline revenue operations and shift from data entry to revenue analysis with automated billing, revenue, and item catalog sync.

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One Subscription System of Record Across the Subscription Lifecycle

With Sage Intacct for Software & SaaS businesses , you’ll spend less time on contract amendments

The Shift from Orders to Subscriptions gives a better forecast of the future. Consolidate 100s of Entities in Minutes, Not Days.

Sage Intacct for Software & SaaS Businesses allows you to consolidate 100s of entries in minutes, not days.
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Flexible, scalable hierarchies enable:

  • Adding new entities in minutes
  • Tailored reporting to your needs
  • Changing hierarchies with ease


  • Eliminate manual currency conversion, adjustments, andrevaluation
  • Report in local or HQ currency


Global consolidations and inter-entity eliminations

  • Consolidate 100s of entities in minutes
  • Change currencies
  • Report differently for management purposes

What makes Sage Intacct different?

Here is why companies choose to work with Sage’s software.

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Sage Intacct Delivers Real-time SaaS Metric Dashboards

  • Simplify revenue management with automated revenue recognition and expense reallocation
  • Eliminate uncertainty about changing requirements with dual treatment and reporting
  • Flexibly configure expense amortization to match or differ from revenue recognition terms
  • Line items are synched natively from Salesforce CPQ and item catalog
  • Renewals are automatically created from and synched back into Salesforce.
  • Journal balances are automatically generated for you across unbilled, billed, and paid for deferred and recognized revenue for the contract level and line level
  • They’re also calculated for deferred and recognized expenses at contract level and line level

The transaction history captures every transaction for the contract, providing easy auditability

a screenshot of the sage intacct automatic subscription renewal dashboard

Enjoy access to all the information you need to manage your business effectively

Sage Intacct for SaaS Businesses

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