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Business Intelligence & Reporting Analytics

Use up-to-date and reliable data directly from your accounting software to gain invaluable insights and most importantly, a single version of the truth in a pre-formatted report. At Brilliant Link, we offer superior Business Intelligence and Reporting Analytics.

Spend less time compiling your data and more time reviewing the unique stories that the data can tell you about your business.

With visualized reports, you will gain that added control of your business with financial reports that give you a bird’s eye view of your business.

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Sage Intelligence Reports

Management Reports

Our custom management reports offer business leaders insights into different aspects of your organization and empower you to make more informed decisions. By collecting data directly from your ERP database, our management reports enable you to easily track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and present them in a more digestible way.

VAT Reports

VAT reports summarise your company’s VAT-eligible transaction for a specified accounting period and simplify the process of completing your VAT return. VAT reports list all information relating to your company’s input and output VAT and simplify the calculation of the overall VAT you are required to reclaim or pay.

Debtors/Creditors Age Reports

Debtors Age reports (Accounts Receivable Age Analysis) offer visibility of your customer’s outstanding debt and Creditors Age Reports (Accounts Payable Age Analysis) provide insight into your commitments with suppliers and when you are due to pay them.

B.E.E Preferential Procurement Reports

Ideal for businesses that participate in programs to empower organizations owned by previously disadvantaged individuals. Our B.E.E Preferential procurement reports enable you to measure, track, and score preferential procurement performance.

With Business Intelligence and Reporting Analytics, we simply gather data directly from your Enterprise Resource Planning System and extract meaningful insights into visualized dashboards. These reports empower you to easily spot trends and act swiftly to opportunities or threats.

Whether you require visibility of cash flow from financing activities (CFF), or cash flow from investing, or merely a simpler, more visualized manner to analyze data, our business intelligence (BI) solutions are designed to cater to your requirements.

Cut out the guess-work and indirect methods of compiling reports. By drawing data directly from your ERP software, our bespoke reports give you a direct view of your business’s financial health. Get a real-time view of the amount of cash, net cash flow, and operating cash flow.

Visibility is crucial to guide strategic financial planning. Track cash flow from operating activities, cash and cash equivalents, and enjoy custom views of your financial statements.

The integrity of your data is dependent on the accuracy of your data sources. Make informed decisions and enjoy predictive models based on accurate data directly sourced from your ERP system.

Track your business’s financial health and maintain positive cash flow with short-term and long-term insight through our world-class service BI department. Unlock the potential of every single operating section of your organization with a birds-eye view. Leverage the power of machine learning to get accurate insights on every detail from cash outflow and more.

Speak to one of our consultants today on 011 792 9521. We’d be happy to schedule a demo of our business analytics services. Whether you require a bespoke cash flow statement, debtors and creditors report, accounts payable report, accounts receivable report, or management pack, our experienced business intelligence team would be glad to assist.

No matter what your payment terms are, your business needs constant visibility of pending and unpaid invoice. Try our dashboards for simplified data analysis.

Our reports draw data directly from your ERP data warehouse and are presented in more digestible data visualization. Empower your team with more informed data-driven decision-making capabilities. Gain visibility of working capital, aged debtors, due dates, bad debts, and free up time for your business users when making business decisions. From a statement of cash to accounts receivable aging reports, you name it, and we’ll ensure you have it.

We use specialized business intelligence tools that enable you to specify your date ranges, from 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, or more. Create reports for any period you require. Gain visibility of total amounts. Spend less time compiling reports and more time interrogating the unique stories your data can tell you about the financial health of your organization. Get a birds-eye view with reports from our world-class BI tools. Access to the insight that drives timely and data-driven business decisions is one of those key long-term assets. Whether you need a view of doubtful accounts, number of days payments have been outstanding, or simply need to determine you actual net income visually, choose our BI solutions. Enjoy a clear view of your cash inflow.

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BI & Reporting Analytics

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