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Brilliant Link (Pty) Ltd Information Technology division was established when we identified a requirement from many of our customers for IT support with the same level of service as our existing financial software division. We supply hardware and software support as well as providing comprehensive business resolutions focused on innovative and strategic information technology solutions for Small, SME & Retail requirements.

Solution Focused

We are dedicated to ensuring you have a thorough understanding of your IT environment and a strategy for continued optimisation.


The key factor in building a good customer / supplier relationship. With our admin team driving communication, an effective transmission of your requirements is balanced throughout our skilled staff.


As a supplier of information, hardware, software & virtual commodities - we understand the need of providing accurate and reliable information to simplify the technical outcome of your solution. We will put our stamp on it at the end of every project or support session

Cost Effective

Having a problem or having a project in mind does not always mean one needs to put it in the budget. A good understanding of your needs is build by conducting obligation free feasibility studies to procure the right piece for the puzzle. We specialize in scalable solutions to ensure no water is poured down the drain.


By knowing how to get the job done is how we achieve our results in priority fashion. Even in an unfamiliar environment, it is easy for us to decipher what is going where due to our in-depth knowledge of the industry, rest assured, to get external support can be easier than you think.

About Brilliant Link IT Consulting

Brilliant Link offers innovative Information Technology(IT) consulting including hardware, software, cloud hosting, off-site encrypted backups as well as strategic IT infrastructure planning and implementation.

Our IT consulting services

For more info, speak to one of our experienced IT consultants and enjoy service excellence.

Looking for IT consulting companies in South Africa? You are at the right place.

Ready to enjoy superior IT technical support, streamlining your operating systems, and accessibility through the power of cloud computing?

Customer satisfaction guaranteed. We pride ourselves on offering superior technology consultancy services and reliable cloud technologies. Tap into our industry-leading advisory services. Let us do a deep audit of your IT. Regardless of the industry, the file types you use on a daily basis, we can do a deep scan of your requirements and recommend the ideal configuration to optimize your business system performance.

Cloud Solutions

Brilliant Link IT offers cloud-based solutions to maximize convenience and reduce risk factors<br /> to your company.

Cloud VPS Hosting

If you want to eliminate upgrade expenses and lower your equipment's day to day risk, we suggest you go hosted.

Network Solutions

Someone needs to tidy up those cables, or lay new ones? Your network brings it all together so let us take care of it for you.

Managed IT Services

With years of experience we are able to support your existing SME environment or create one from the ground up.

Disaster Recovery

Brilliant Link's IT team provide tailored backup solutions, so that you can be confident that your company's data is in safe hands. Your data is always protected and is ready upon request when needed. We will make sure that you're supported.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your data is reliably protected against cyber attacks protecting your business from any data loss. We offer disaster recovery planning. We have dedicated servers, provide hosting service, data backup, data recovery, file recovery using industry-leading recovery tools, web hosting, cloud services, and more. Contact us for long-term IT solutions handled by experienced project managers.

Knowing that your IT requirements are in the capable hands of our experienced team, you can focus on your core business instead. Whether you require a team to assist in managing network, break-fix, managed systems, IT support services, or office 365 cloud hosting, or other technology services, Brilliant Link is a one-stop-shop for all your business IT needs.

What services do we offer? Need help managing your ERP solution? We can assist to recover files, remote support, monitoring, and management of licenses, or continuous software support through our service level agreement. In short, for complete IT and ERP support. Choose Brilliant Link.

Our solutions are designed to effectively support your business goals. Choose our reliable backups for those times when you accidentally delete data. We will be there to recover data with speed. Get rid of the old SD card, or memory card, and rely on our cost-effective managed IT services solutions. Speak to one of our in-house teams’ highly skilled IT support specialists.

Keep your business at the forefront of emerging technologies and enjoy world-class service delivery. Brilliant Link offers consultancy and support. Get the most out of your big data with our Analytics and Reporting services giving you high-level and in-depth insights into your business. Brilliant Link is one of South Africa’s top consulting firms that are passionate about boosting the efficiency of your business processes, allowing you to achieve your business objectives.

Embrace digital transformation & power up your business strategy with data-driven insights from a perfect pairing of business and technology. Unlock the power of the latest technology. No more panic in situations where you voluntarily or involuntarily deleted files. Enjoy peace of mind with our Disaster, server, and drive recoveries/backups. Our services include a balance of cost savings and service excellence.

Let us help you prepare your business for remote teams working from home.

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