business intelligence should i use spreadsheets or dashboards

Business Intelligence: Spreadsheets vs Dashboards

Spreadsheets have played a vital role in the world of financial management. However, dashboards are the way of the future. You need not be spending so much time compiling data when you could have access to automated solutions that provide a way for you to visualize the data instead via a comprehensive business intelligence solution.

Spend less time memorizing excel formulas and more time interrogating the data with visual dashboards. Though you may have fallen in love with macros and formulas, the time you waste doing the day-to-day repetitive tasks could be better spent doing more important tasks. Leverage the power of automation and business intelligence solutions.

Business Intelligence: The purpose of data

Business intelligence gives purpose to your data and allows you to monitor your financials. Dashboards give you a real-time view of your financial activities and enable you to monitor and forecast changes and spot trends. The ideal BI tools offer insight drawn from accurate data sources and stored in secure data warehouses. Predictive analytics based on real-time information gives you that added confidence in making reliable forecasts.

Predictions made on your actual business information is key to the success of any business operating in the current ecosystem. Decision-makers can leverage the power of machine learning to spot trends when analyzing data. A great BI solution makes data preparation simple as it can easily integrate with your ERP software.

Spreadsheets will be a part of the business world for some time to come, the pace of business is forever increasing, and you require the most efficient tools for your financial reporting and analysis.

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What a Spreadsheet Report Looks Like
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What a Business Intelligence Dashboard Looks Like

The role of Dashboards

With reporting and dashboard tools that are built into your financial management software, you have an accurate representation of your business financial data all in one place.

Dashboards allow you to gain comprehensive insights into your working capital, cash flow, return on equity, debt to equity, and accounts payable/receivable turnover. Rather than managing multiple spreadsheets, enjoy a clear view from a single screen. Where real-time movements are automatically saved on your strategic dashboard.

Why Business Intelligence?

The term Business Intelligence (BI) refers to technologies, applications, and practices for the collection, integration, analysis, and presentation of business information. BI software or business intelligence tools provide real-time data and present it to you visually in the form of actionable insights. Empower your finance team with faster and more frequent reports.

Keep your finger on your company’s pulse with real-time financial data, snapshots, and early warning signs of impending financial challenges.

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Harness the power of your businesses data and gain easy access to high-level and granular views of your position. Gain visibility of all your important information with traceable data points. Dashboards track your data in real-time, unlike clunky excel files that are prone to human error. Data visualization and reporting dashboard software let you view performance metrics drawn directly from your ERP data sets.

Not all dashboards are made equal. Choose a solution that gives you the best data dashboard, business dashboards, or executive dashboard with the relevant user and role-based views. Why rely on Excel and Google sheets when you can toggle through all your KPIs at the click of a button on a dashboard. There are many types of dashboards for project management, or analytics dashboards that offer easy access to insight to answer crucial business questions. Maintain on-demand visibility of key performance indicators (KPIs).

A best-in-class solution sorts data and presents it to you on interactive dashboard reporting and allows you to digest it much easier than scrutinizing Excel rows and columns. There are many options when it comes to dashboard design. From sales dashboards, marketing dashboards, and financial dashboards for management and business analysts. Track all your key metrics with ease.