a guide to improving business insight and analytics capabilities of your business

How to improve insight and analytics capabilities with ERP

Is your business operating at its highest potential? ERP software offers the ability to combine historical and current data to bring forward a clear picture of your organization’s financial health, productivity levels, and overall efficiency. It allows you to create forward-looking models to guide you in your decision-making. In this guide, we discuss how ERP can improve insight & analytics capabilities in your business.

Here is  how to improve insight and analytics capabilities with ERP software.

What can your business data tell you?

From daily transactions, warehouse activities, fulfilment logs, and inventory data, we collect mountains of data daily. Instead of sampling, ERP solutions incorporate your entire data repository and surface patterns that can guide and support your decision-making.

ERP offers the ability to create predictive and causal models. The ability to collect enterprise-wide data in one place eliminates double entries, and most importantly, decision-makers can maintain access to all company information in real-time, from anywhere, using any device. All you need is an internet connection.

ERP and Business Analytics

An ERP solution will provide you with all the standard financial reports you require. However, you can take things a step further and maximize the power of your data through business analytics (business intelligence). Power Business Intelligence tools offer you the extended benefit of visualizing your data on customized dashboards.

Business intelligence/analytics ushers the opportunity to identify patterns and outliers in your customers, products, supply chain activities, opportunities to optimize production schedules, and more. With a cloud solution, the sky is truly the limit.

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a guide on how to improve insight and analytics capabilities