improve your business decision making with these two enterprise systems

2 Ways Enterprise Systems help to Make Smarter Business Decisions

The decisions we make today impact where we will be tomorrow. For many years business leaders have been traveling with their engine light on and avoiding the ever-increasing pace towards a more digital world. The COVID 19 lockdown exposed the businesses who were prepared for what would have been an inevitable reality and those who ignored their engine light. Were you prepared or did you not have the correct enterprise systems in place?

Remote working was always on the horizon, the lockdown just accelerated the process. Many companies were caught panicking as they were not prepared for the future. However, they soon realized that the future was yesterday and the topic of digital transformation isn’t one they could simply put off to a later stage. For those leaders who want to remain future-proof and future-ready, here are 2 Enterprise Systems you will need to survive in this new normal.

Accurate and Accessible Data via an Integrated Enterprise Software Solution.

In order to cater to a remote working environment, you need accurate, easy to access company data. Whether your sales team is working on-site or your CFO is working at home, access to company information from a centralized database is key. This affords companies the luxury of flexibility. A great ERP solution will also allow you to automate business processes and allow for collaboration.

Gone are the days when multiple business departments could exist as silos. You might want to allow your staff to complete time sheets and have that information synchronized with your HR department. Imagine your sales executives selling a product because he is aware it is still available in your warehouse or at the manufacturing plant without the need to contact the office to check.

Having accurate enterprise-wide real-time data allows for the whole team to make more informed decisions and forecasts without having to be in the same location. Leverage the power of information technology and enterprise resource planning (ERP).

Alleviate the hurdles of Compiling Reports by using Power BI.

Reports no longer have to be tedious. Why wait for the bookkeeping team to find the files from 6 months ago which you may have been stored in a filing cabinet in the storeroom for your CFO to create spreadsheets that will ultimately be translated to the necessary reports. It’s a mouthful just reading it. Imagine the physical drain of it all.

You could simply pull data from your database and have an experienced Business analytics expert compile real-time reports in a fraction of the time. The reports are visualized in a way that is easy to digest. From cash flow to management packs, the sky is truly the limit. No more making decisions about tomorrow with data from months ago. It’s like trying to turn a corner while looking in the rear-view mirror. Business analytics will be that clear and wide windscreen that gives you the best view of the direction your business is moving towards.

Microsoft power bi dashboards with data form your enterprise systems

Traveling with your engine light on is risky. You never know when your vehicle might give in. Similarly, you don’t want to find yourself being caught off-guard as you postpone your shift towards digital and more automated enterprise systems. Enjoy the power of an ERP system that streamlines supply chain management, empowers you with the relevant business intelligence, and boosts productivity across multiple business functions. Reduce the cost of redundant processes and leverage the power of information systems that enables enterprise-wide collaboration. Need help choosing ERP software packages that are industry-specific and unique to your business needs? Let us guide you in choosing business management systems that are bespoke to your requirements.

Give us a call on 011 792 9521, we’d be glad to give your business that long-awaited digital service it needs. You can finally get rid of that engine light that you have been ignoring for so long. Let us guide you in choosing an enterprise resource planning system that caters to your unique business requirements. Take your business to the next level with accurate project planning and project cost tracking with a solution that is designed for business success. We’d be glad to assist with selecting the ideal types of enterprise systems for your unique industry requirements.

Regardless of the type of information you need, from high-level views to granular insights, choose an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that suites your unique industry requirements.