things to consider before changing your accounting software

Things to consider before changing your accounting software

So, you’ve had the feeling that you may have outgrown your current accounting system and are looking to change to a more capable solution? Whether it’s due to the need to track multiple business units, more complex inventory to manage, multiple products/services with complex profitability measurement, or the need for advanced forecasting and reporting requirements. There are several things to consider before changing your accounting software. In this guide, we discuss the questions you should ask before implementing a new accounting system.

Why do you want to change your current accounting system?

It is the most crucial question. The reason why you want to change your existing system will determine what your priorities should be in your new solution. As our businesses grow, so do our accounting requirements. You may have started with an entry-level accounting system, and you are now at a point where you have outgrown that solution.

Perhaps your current solution is not an ideal fit for your unique industry-specific accounting requirements. Or, you may be tired of using siloed systems to manage other units of your organization, such as supply chain, customer relationships, and manufacturing.

This brings us to the next question.

important things to consider before changing your accounting software

Does the accounting solution do what you need it to do?

It would be futile to move from one system that barely does what you need to do to another that presents the same challenges. Choose an experienced business service provider to help you choose an accounting system that fits your business requirements. Create a clear list of pain points, and we will gladly help you tick them off.

If your current system has limitations on the number of users you can deploy, we’d recommend choosing a solution that allows you to deploy as many users as you’d like. You can enjoy enterprise-wide collaboration and break down the barriers to inter-departmental communication.

Moving to a system need not be stressful. An ERP system with a shallow learning curve is a great way to ensure that the transition is smooth.

What happens when your business grows?

How do you avoid outgrowing the new system? Simple. Choose a business management solution that is scalable and grows with you. A solution that is designed for rapid growth and is highly adaptable. Add more functionality as you go. Simply get what you need when you need it.

Timing is everything. Avoid unnecessary business interruption. Choose an experienced business partner who will ensure that you complete the transition to the new system on time and within budget.

Speaking of business partners.

Do you have the necessary support?

At Brilliant Link, we offer superior service excellence. We have a dedicated support team that is always keen to support you. Whether you need someone on-site to hold your hand through the switch to the new solution, or just a quick call to brush over some things, we are there.

Support is a crucial factor of a successful ERP implementation. Are you tired of waiting days or even weeks with simple support queries? Try our highly responsive Live Chat support. We offer support for Sage 200 Evolution, Sage Pastel Payroll & Acumatica Cloud ERP.

These are some things to consider before changing your accounting software.

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