a 2021 guide on how ERP improves internal communication

How ERP Improves Internal Communication

A call comes in from a prospective customer who then speaks to your sales staff about a promotion they saw. The sales team loads the customer onto a CRM system. When it’s time to send a quote, they then have to export the client’s data and send it through to your accounts team that uses a different system. Between all the manual data capturing and wasted time, how many errors could you avoid by using an integrated system instead? Nothing causes more frustration than the communication gaps caused by disparate systems. Good communication is vital in ensuring that your team works towards a common goal. In this guide, we discuss how ERP improves internal communication.

Cohesive internal communication is the butter on the bread of successful businesses. Agility plays a crucial role in the current digital landscape. ERP systems link all your business functions into one central interface promoting ongoing dialogue between employees, across departments, and with the relevant stakeholders.

Centralized data

Using disparate systems that don’t interlink causes inefficiencies, solidifies communication barriers, and adds unnecessary steps to completing mundane tasks. ERP software stores all your data in one place, allowing role-based-access to information for all your employees. It ensures complete transparency and provides a single source of the truth. Reduce friction between departments caused by incorrect information and human errors.

Complete visibility of customer data

How easy is it for your business to go from lead-to-quote-to-cash? With an integrated CRM solution, you can easily track all customer communication and ensure visibility across your departments. Enjoy seamless communication between your sales, marketing, and accounts departments. Everyone can get access to the information they need when they need it.

how erp improves internal communication for businesses

ERP systems allow your entire team to track their progress and KPIs on intuitive dashboards. This allows easy communication of their projects’ successes and simpler identification of opportunities to improve processes and workflows. ERP software mobile capabilities grant employees access on the go, using any device, enabling your team to stay in the loop when they are working remotely. It ensures that employees that are out of the office stay informed about business objectives, no matter where they are, using any device.

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