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 A CIO’s Guide To Choosing the Right ERP Software

In your efforts to create world-class experiences for your organization’s customers, you require the best available software solutions that cater to your unique requirements. As a key decision-maker with regards to buying an ERP solution for your organization, we have developed this comprehensive CIO’s guide to buying Enterprise Resource Planning software that will assist with your selection.

What KPIs you require as a Chief Information Officer

The responsibility to manage your organizations IT spend is definitely not light. Your role is to ensure that all tech-related processes are on-time and on-budget. You are required to ensure technology uptime and select the applicable solutions available through mobile tools. Maintaining IT staff productivity and cybersecurity are a priority.

a Chief Information Officer's CIO guide to buying ERP software
The benefits of Cloud ERP software for your IT department

A cloud ERP solution, such as Acumatica, provides flexible deployment for you to build a cloud strategy that is suitable for you. Cloud solutions minimize downtime and significantly reduce IT staff expenses.

You can customize and tailor the system to respond to your requirements. Acumatica is built on Microsoft .NET with Visual Studio and is simple to customize.

With advanced Business Intelligence and analytics capabilities, you will gain full visibility and control of your key performance indicators.

Several layers of security are built into the standard product. Gain peace of mind with automatic data backups and recovery.

Make the correct ERP selection and take your business to the next level with data analytics for data-driven decision-making.

a cio guide to help you choose an erp solution

Investing in an ideal business management system offers numerous benefits to your entire organization. Employing cost-effective and efficient tools to assist you in optimizing your team’s processes is key. In the role of CIO, chief data officer (CDO), data executive, enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a key tool to use seeing that you are responsible for data management while ensuring your business is compliant with data governance requirements.

Quality data is a priority for all businesses, your Chief Technology officers would agree. Choose a solution that offers superior data integrity and data science standards that empower your business’ data strategy. Choose Brilliant Link for superior ERP implementations and world-class project management.

Nothing builds soft skills like collaboration. With an integrated cloud-based ERP solution, you can keep your team connected even when they are working remotely, no matter the job title. Choose a system that offers advanced business intelligence using your big data, and allows you to master data management. Enjoy the power of AI and cloud computing with cloud ERP systems. Ensure that your data security is optimal and rely on cloud information systems rather than physical computer systems.

Speak to one of our consultants for superior information technology support, and choosing systems that improve business processes and simplifies tasks for your role as Chief Information Officer (CIO), or Chief Digital Officer (CDO). Get the insight you need to inspire business strategy in all CIO roles, regardless of industry.

Summary of this CIO’s guide to ERP software

Cloud, including backup and security

Get the most out of the ERP system without extensive IT support required

Customize and tailor the system to respond to unique requirements

Deliver BI/analytics capabilities

Important KPIs for Chief Information Officers

On-time and on-budget projects, Technology Uptime

IT Spend vs Sales Percentages

IT Staff Productivity


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A Comprehensive CIO’s Guide to Choosing ERP Software

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