what is the brilliant estatement and how it can simplify your finances

Save your clients time with Brilliant eStatement

We’ve all experienced the frustration of opening up a statement and having to search through emails to find the matching invoices. Now you can save your clients time, with Brilliant eStatement. It is intelligent, intuitive, and easy to install.

Here’s how the Brilliant eStatement works:

  • We install a small custom app on your server.
  • You send out your usual weekly/monthly statement run.
  • When your client opens their statement, they’ll be able to click on any Invoice, Sales Order or Credit Note, and download the original document.
The best part? It’s simple to implement.

Why you should use Brilliant eStatements

Your finance team will spend less time resending invoices and responding to queries.
The Brilliant eStatement adds that extra layer of efficiency and ease to your customer’s experience. Collect payments with ease by sending a monthly statement and allow your customers to click through to the individual invoices with a Brilliant eStatemement.
No more back and forths between your clients and finance teams. Send one comprehensive statement and your customers can click through to the Invoice, sales order, or credit not and download the documents themselves.
With this easy tool, you can make collections simpler for your team, and more importantly, your customers will enjoy the convenience. Ready to try it out? Give us a call on 011 792 9521 or contact us here!