why automate your inventory

Why you should automate your inventory

Inventory management ensures that you have the right items at the right place when you need them. For product-reliant companies, inventory control can make or break efficiency, customer satisfaction, and profitability. Having a clear view of what you have, how much was sold, and what it is worth is crucial to the success of your business. In this guide, we discuss why you should automate your inventory.

How Inventory Control Improves Cash Flow

It is important to track the true cost of your goods. To understand your organization’s financial health, you need to know the value of your inventory. An integrated ERP and inventory solution assists by calculating the value based on your business requirements and capturing added costs such as shipping or value adds, so you can get to a true cost of goods.

Customer Satisfaction

A business without customers is not a real business. While it is vital to ensure you always have stock when your customers make their orders, you also have to ensure you don’t carry excess stock. It’s a delicate balance between overstocking and avoiding stock outs. Maintaining healthy inventory levels requires a balance between serving customers and avoiding tying up excessive capital. Manage inventory across multiple locations and warehouses while using replenishment processes to automate reorder policies by inventory levels and even the time of year.

Avoid Manual Counts & Eliminate Errors

Spending hours in the warehouse counting stock is a tedious process. A great inventory management solution allows you to use standard templates for adjustments, transfers, damaged goods, scrap, and more. Or create your own templates to fit your organization.

why you should automate your inventory

A Complete Real-time View of Where You Stand

Integrated ERP and inventory software offer real-time reporting and analysis. Choose a solution that features comprehensive built-in reports, so you can see across locations, products, inventory status, and replenishment projections. That means you can make smarter decisions to optimize inventory levels and set efficient reorder points and quantities.

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