what is the difference between serial number tracking and lot tracking

The Benefits of Advanced Traceability & Control of Inventory

The world can no longer afford to carry any more waste. Ecofriendly is no longer just a buzzword but a moral obligation. Regardless of the industry you serve, a serial number and lot tracking system that integrates with your inventory or warehouse management system is crucial not only for your business’s financial health but for your reputation. In this guide, we discuss the benefits of advanced traceability and control of inventory.

What is the difference between lot tracking and serial tracking?

No business owner would enjoy the embarrassment of delivering expired goods to customers. Lot tracking provides visibility into the numbers in your inventory. It includes the date of manufacture and expiry dates, allowing you to trace and track information on these products that may not be otherwise available. Lot tracking is crucial in the industry of perishables such as food and pharmaceuticals.

Serial number tracking allows you to control a specific product within a batch throughout your distribution chain using a unique identifier. Know where you stand in cases of warranty queries, insurance requests, and after-sales service. Serial number tracking is vital in the electronics and appliances industries.

The benefits of Lot and serial number tracking

  1. Eliminate Human Error. Manually tracking items throughout your supply chain is a tedious task. It is impossible to avoid human errors if you run a complex operation. By investing in integrated Lot Tracking Software, you can electronically capture the information without error and streamline your inbound and outbound processes.
  2. Improve Quality Control. Your reputation is vital to maintaining a brand and ensuring customer satisfaction. Manage expiry, breakage, and supplier issues before your products reach the customer. Identify the cause of the quality issues and reduce wastage. Not only is this great for the reduction of costs, but also the well-being of a planet.

Enjoy the multitude of benefits that come with a lot and serial tracking for advanced traceability & control of inventory. Reduce the number of product recalls, improve your reporting, manage warranties and returns seamlessly.

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the key benefits of advanced traceability and control of inventory. Lot tracking and serial number tracking