what is the difference between stock management and stock control systems?

The Difference Between Inventory Management and Inventory Control

It makes no difference whether you call it stock or inventory. However, it is key to understand the different types of stock/inventory. As well as the difference between inventory management and inventory control. In this guide, we highlight the different types of stock and the difference between the interrelated activities of stock control and stock management.

What is Inventory Management?

Simply put, inventory management is the process of making sure you have the right amount of inventory, at the right place when you need it. The old practices of manual stock counts and spreadsheets made it difficult to forecast and track your customers buying patterns.

Imagine going to your local grocery store to buy milk, only to find that it is sold out. What would you say if the manager told you, “At least we still have cheese”. A stock management solution enables you to forecast fluctuating demand patterns to ensure you always have the right amount of stock to meet customer demands.

Make carrying excess stock and stock-outs a thing of the past with an integrated Inventory management solution.

a quick guide on the difference between inventory management and inventory control systems

What is Stock Control?

Inventory control, on the other hand, is knowing where your stock is, at any given moment. When you are running, it’s easy to see where your stock is. However, as your operation grows, things become more complex.

By understanding where your stock is, you can plan how to organize and distribute it efficiently. Again, if you went to your local grocer and he told you the milk is on the way from their warehouse that is in another province. They’d lose you as a customer, right?

This is why you need a system that makes your stock control processes simpler by providing accurate, real-time visibility of your inventory.

What type of inventory does your business hold?

With an industry-specific inventory management solution with integrated stock control, you can ensure efficiency regardless of the type of inventory you hold. Whether you’re a retailer that keeps merchandise or a manufacturer that needs visibility of raw materials & work in progress (WIP). Perhaps you deliver to remote areas and need to track transit inventory or a service business that requires visibility of maintenance, repair, and operations goods.

Better Decision Making with Inventory Management Software

Make better decisions and ensure operational efficiency through an inventory management system that caters to your unique stock control and management requirements.

Glad you enjoyed this quick guide on the difference between inventory management and inventory control, as well as the different types of stock you may hold.

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