learn the difference between accounting software and erp software

The Difference Between Accounting Software and ERP

One of the first systems many small businesses invest in is accounting software. We generally start off conducting other operational tasks such as inventory management and customer relations manually. As we outgrow our accounting software, we look into more comprehensive solutions. In this guide, we discuss the difference between accounting software and (ERP) Enterprise Resource Planning.

Accounting Software

It’s all in the name. Accounting software does precisely that. It enables you to fulfill your day to day accounting activities, including accounts receivable (AR), accounts payable (AP), bank management, financial reporting, and revenue and sales tracking. 

Accounting software is designed to support your basic accounting needs. Should you require a system to conduct other operational tasks, you will need to invest in another system, or do what many small businesses do and complete those tasks manually.

The challenge arises when your business grows, and it’s manual processing becomes inefficient and limits productivity.

Hence you will then find it necessary to invest in a more comprehensive and integrated solution. ERP software.

a 2021 guide on the difference between accounting software and erp software

ERP Software

An ERP solution offers all the accounting capabilities of accounting software and integrates supply chain, manufacturing, customer management, and more, on one centralized system.

A best-in-class ERP solution offers financial management, inventory tracking, manufacturing, warehouse management, customer relationship management, and eCommerce. It provides a complete, real-time view of all your business operations, allowing you to streamline business operations and improve productivity.

When your business is small and order volumes are low, accounting software will get the job done. However, once your business grows and perhaps operating from multiple sites, you will require an ERP solution that caters to your unique industry-specific needs.

the difference between accounting software and ERP software in 2021

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