10 Ways to boost sales using CRM

Hitting sales targets can be a difficult feat, especially in a tough economy, but what if there were a way to boost sales and improve not only your efficiency, but also your bottom line? Instead of spending fruitless hours or even days chasing leads that do not convert into sales, invest in a CRM solution to help you boost sales and profitability.

Here are 10 ways to boost sales using a CRM solution:

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1. Boost sales with qualified leads

A CRM tool enables you to attract more qualified leads to your company. How will a qualified lead boost sales? Good question. A potential customer is considered a qualified lead when they have shown interest in purchasing a product or service by doing inquiries, they’ve requested a quote, researched the product online, or filled in a contact form. They have engaged with your company and are starting to move down the sales funnel toward purchase.

2. Increase productivity

A qualified lead is more likely to convert into a sale than if you tried to market your products to an uninterested audience. A CRM tool improves the productivity and performance of your sales staff by helping them track leads to follow up on.

3. Have sales data on hand when visiting clients

You’re sitting in a meeting with a client and they request information about a new product. Suddenly you realise you’ve left all your sales data in the office and now you’re stuck. A CRM solution can boost sales by providing you with all your sales data on the go.

4. Keep accurate records

Don’t let a qualified lead slip through your fingers because of incorrectly captured contact information. Your sales team can use a CRM tool on any smart mobile device, so they can capture client information while meeting with prospective clients.

5. Customised quotes in no time

With a CRM tool, there’s no need to return to the office to generate a quote after a sales meeting. Create customised quotes on the spot using your CRM software on your laptop or tablet.

6. Boost sales by tracking interactions

A CRM solution automatically tracks every interaction that new leads or existing clients have had with your business. This makes it easy to follow up on potential leads, as well as to see which existing clients are interested in additional products you offer.

7. Send well-timed marketing campaigns

Nurture qualified leads by sending them well-timed marketing campaigns to boost sales. A CRM tool such as Sage CRM plugs into MailChimp, allowing you to create and send marketing campaigns effortlessly.

8. Boost sales with great timing

Knowing when to follow up with a lead is fundamental to the sales process. A CRM tool helps you to see which part of the buyer’s journey a lead is currently in so you can follow up at the right moment.

9. Track sales data

The customised dashboards of your CRM tool enable you to track trends, learn how sales were made and identify which sales tactics have been successful.

10. Cross-sell products

A CRM tool helps boost sales to existing customers by highlighting where to cross-sell related products or services.

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