a guide to data-driven business plans

Data-driven Business Plans

Think beyond the catchy slogans on your company profile. Take it a step further than the vision and mission that you cited on your business plans. Many a time, our teams merely show up to get their job done. Nobody, beyond the names listed on your memorandum of incorporation (MOI), is aware of what the vision and mission are.

The business ecosystem has become increasingly competitive, and it has become difficult to differentiate from your competitors when everybody is just as good as the other. When “best practices” have become a euphemism for complacency and replication. It’s time to capitalize on data-driven business plans.

Using Data to drive your Business Plans

Planning is an integral part of any business. Cut out the guesswork and rely on data-driven decisions. The pace of business in 2020 is higher than what we are accustomed to.

Following the country lockdown, many organizations have found themselves having to move even faster towards automated digital solutions to drive efficiency.

The number one driver of success is the ability to respond to market complexities and take advantage of real-time data to make better-informed business plans and drive efficiency in our supply chains.

Using Data to find opportunities for Efficiency.

Relying on best practices to formulate operational plans is a great starting point. However, it is key to optimize those plans with the insight from the data you collect daily to find new opportunities to enhance your business processes.

A combination of historical and real-time data gives you the advantage of having a view of where you come from and where you stand to make better business plans on where you should be moving towards.

Making Data-driven Business Plans

With the right enterprise resource planning solution, even the laggards who are married to their legacy systems can take advantage of the power of data-driven business planning.

Digital transformation isn’t as painful as many business leaders imagine. Give us a call on 011 791 9521, let’s help you future-proof your business and take advantage of the power of data-driven business planning.

Adding the right digital solutions to your arsenal is a great investment to add to your balance sheet. In fact, having accurate insight ensures that you make informed market analysis, spot your strengths and weaknesses for every section of your business. Make the right financial projections and spot opportunities on how you can enhance your product or service.

Leverage the power of digital tools to assist your management team in streamlining their decision-making and financial plan processes allowing you to work on and not in your business. Grow your business from a small to a larger business with the confidence that you have a system that is scalable and grows with you. Save time with access to financial statements at the click of a button. Add a deeper level to your marketing plan with integrated sales and CRM. Talk to one of our consultants and get a step-by-step guide on how to successfully implement a business management system that caters to your unique industry requirements and allows you to boost customer satisfaction no matter what your target market is.

Starting a small business is not easy, and neither is scaling that business. From the inception of your initial idea, writing a business plan, to doing market research., all the way to the execution phase. Why add a layer of complexity by managing your operations on disparate systems? Enjoy a birds-eye view and easy access to KPIs & financial forecasts with an integrated solution designed to improve your decision-making and ease the planning process. Choose a system that not only grows your business but also grows with your business. One that is scalable and streamlines processes for your management team with role-based access to insight and financial statements to enhance your financial plan.

Drop us a line and we’d be glad to give you a step-by-step demo of the ideal solution for your unique business case. Set goals and let us help you choose a system that is designed to grow with you. Rely on a world-class integrated CRM system built for your type of business to supercharge your marketing strategy.