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 A Sales Manager’s Guide To Choosing ERP Software

Sales managers play a key role in developing strategies and planning, building sales teams and practices, and establishing tactical sales plans. The current business ecosystem requires an omnichannel sales approach. You require an Enterprise Resource Planning solution that allows you to automate sales processes and easily manage inventory and pricing. In this sales manager’s guide to buying ERP software, we will walk you through the key elements of a great solution.

Key Performance Indicators for Retail Sales Directors

Your retail ERP software should surface visibility of Year-on-year sales, Cost per lead, Time to close, Sales by region, and high-value products

a sales managers guide to buying erp software
KPIs for eCommerce sales managers

With ERP software, like Acumatica, which integrates with all major eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and many others, you can easily monitor the following KPIs: cart abandonment, unique visitors, leads, close ratios, cost per lead, and cost per sale.

Your ERP should automatically reflect all web sales in warehouse and fulfillment operations and simply the coordination of omnichannel sales with in-store sales for those businesses that trade both physically and online.

How ERP can streamline merchandising

As a sales director, it is crucial to know the true cost of all items. This includes wholesale costs, fulfillment, returns, transaction costs, and more. Your ERP should enable you to identify your most popular and high-value products by store/region to ensure that you always have sufficient inventory available for targeted promotions and seasonal changes in demand.

a sales directors guide to choosing an erp solution that integrates with ecommerce website
How ERP can improve retail and eCommerce customer service

In a world where customers love instant gratification, having visibility of online requests to chat, answer questions, and resolve issues, you can improve your customer service with quick responses. A great ERP allows you to track each customer interaction with your customer from their first contact all the way to when you close a sale.

ERP gives you a glance into the customer’s mind

You can improve customer satisfaction with better insight into your customer’s buying processes. ERP software allows you to create accurate sales projections and provide a view of where each of your accounts stands at any time and from anywhere you are.

How to Simplify Requisition Management

Summary of the Sales Manager’s guide to ERP software

Simple coordination of omnichannel sales

Streamline merchandising

Track customer interaction

Accurate sales projections

Important KPIs for Sales Managers

YoY sales, Cost per Lead/Opp, Time to Close, Leads vs Opportunities

Closed/Open/Lost Deals, Sales by Region / Salesperson, Highest Value Product / Region / Store

Cart abandonment, Unique visitors, Leads / Opportunity Ratio

Opportunity / Close Ratio, Cost per lead, Cost per opportunity, Cost per sale

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Using an integrated CRM and ERP solution, you can easily manage qualified leads, set digital marketing campaign types (email/ social media), track the average amount spent by each customer, and gain insight into your customer activities to boost your customer retention. Get a clear view of your sales pipeline and simply track all the vital sales metric.

Monitor your customer lifetime value on a regular basis and monitor your e-commerce store’s average order quantities. Empower your sales reps and marketing team with a single version of the truth with centralized customer data.

Track your conversion rates, shopping carts, bounce rate, cart abandonment rate, sales revenue, and more, with an enterprise resource planning solution that integrates with your Shopify/BigCommerce e-commerce stores.

Sales managers enjoy real-time visibility of daily, weekly, monthly, and annual sales. Keep track of your customer acquisition cost, streamline your sales funnel, and simplify your sales operational processes with ERP software. Modernize your business development and future-proof your business, today.

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A Comprehensive Sales Manager’s Guide to Choosing ERP Software

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