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Accurate Manufacturing Estimates with Cloud ERP

Why choose a Cloud ERP for your Manufacturing Estimates?

Within the Acumatica Manufacturing Edition, you have access to estimating preferences and the ability to set up estimate classes. Furthermore, you can create estimates for inventory and non-inventory items. Whether you require simple or complex estimates, Acumatica Cloud ERP is the ideal solution for creating accurate manufacturing estimates.

Create estimates from BOM, tools, and any other associated overhead costs. With the Estimating module, you can improve the accuracy and turnaround times of all your manufacturing estimates.

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Once you confirm an estimate, you can easily convert it to a bill of material or sales order. Your team can calculate costs and prices for new or existing parts using data such as material costs, work center rates, and overheads. Save even more time with the option of linking your estimate to a quote or opportunity in CRM.

  • Estimate items not currently in your inventory. Attach notes, files, and item attributes to the estimate.
  • Easily convert non-inventory items to inventory stock or non-stock items. Create inventory items and generate a bill of material from an estimate.
  • Create a production order directly from an estimate.
  • Attach an estimate directly to, or against, a sales order or an opportunity in Acumatica Customer Management. Create a sales order directly from the estimate.
  • Easily create estimates from all your company locations.

The benefits of using a Cloud ERP for accurate manufacturing estimates

Increased Flexibility

Prepare estimates for existing or custom items. Create a simple, quick summary estimate or a detailed estimate using a bill of material structure.

Create New Estimates in Seconds

Create a new estimate by simply copying or modifying an existing estimate, bill of material, or production order bill of material.

Gain Control Over Revisions

Make multiple revisions of the same estimate while maintaining a history of the revisions and who created them. Generate more accurate estimates of expected labor, material, and overhead costs.

Regardless of your product design. Whether your a manufacturer of office supplies or food, maintaining control of your product cost, gaining full visibility of your expense account, and ensuring you reach the desired sale price is crucial. Get in touch today on 011 792 9521 and we’ll be glad to help you choose a solution that allows you to make accurate manufacturing estimates.

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Gain the flexibility to create detailed manufacturing estimates quickly with Acumatica Cloud ERP

Cloud ERP for Manufacturing Companies

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