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Business Continuity: Get Your Head In the Cloud

What comes to mind when you think of business continuity? Many of us associate business continuity with being prepared for disaster or circumstances that interrupt ongoing operations.

However, in the modern business ecosystem, business continuity could be a simple as the ability to create invoices on your phone while your daughter uses your laptop to complete her e-learning lessons from home.

A few months ago, this scenario would have been farfetched, but today, this is normal. Beyond the Zoom meetings, many a business were caught off-guard by the COVID-19 pandemic. If you remain prepared, you reduce the need for recovery strategies and emergency management.

This is why you need to get your head in the cloud. With the need to work remotely, provide collaborative workflows, centralize data, and automate mundane tasks, what’s your reason why you haven’t started using cloud solutions?

Imagine a world where your customers had access to self-service-portals where they could request support or view their statements.
Picture a world where you could save time by automating repetitive tasks and seamlessly integrating your financials, marketing, HR, and customer relationships.

Try Acumatica Cloud ERP today, and this could be your reality. Acumatica is a web-based ERP solution that is flexible, highly configurable, and built to ensure your business continuity.

So next time you are stuck working at home, you could continue business as usual from anywhere and any device.

what is business continuity and how ERP can help

What is a Business Continuity Planning?

Business continuity planning encompasses the planning of strategies and employment of systems that prevent any interruptions to your day-to-day business operations. Protecting your financial data is vital and a cloud ERP solution enables to do exactly that.

It is key to ensure that you invest in systems that allow you to continue to trade during and after disaster recovery. ERP software is definitely one of those key systems to prioritize in your recovery strategies.

Subject to a comprehensive risk assessment, your business continuity plan (BC plan) should cover all aspects of your business to prevent any data loss. Whether it’s customer contact information or financial data, this data is all key to your business recovery and day-to-day operations.

Crisis Management

Just like the unforeseen and unprecedented country lockdown, there are many situations that can catch you off-guard. It is important not to delay or procrastinate when it comes to securing your critical business functions. Emergency management starts when things are still going great and not only when there is an actual emergency. Whether it’s a pandemic or natural disaster, there is no excuse not to be prepared for any circumstances, especially when there are so many solutions at your disposal. To discuss how we can assist with your disaster recovery, give us a call on 011 792 9521 and our dedicated IT consultants would be glad to guide you.

Speed is definitely a key factor in your recovery time objectives. The quicker you can get back to business the better. This is why it is vital to have solid and reliable business continuity programs and business continuity management systems in place. Even without an official business impact analysis (BIA), one already understands the effects of any unexpected data losses. So start today. Stay prepared.

Safeguard your data against potential threats and have a chat with our consultants about what our advanced or basic continuity plans include. We involve our clients in every step of the planning process.

Host your serves in our data center and enjoy security and reliability, allowing you to focus on managing your day-to-day business processes instead. Speak to our IT department on 011 792 9521, whether you require data backup for easy recovery in the event of a disaster, information technology support, cloud VPS hosting, disaster recovery planning, and staying prepared for any cyber attack, and more. Allow us to simplify your Business Continuity Planning (BCP). Let your process involve more than mere contingency planning but protection from any business interruption through the power of cloud technologies.

Set your business up for success with basic business continuity for even the most complex organizations.