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What is the role of a Production Management system? Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM)

Manufacturing operations management (MOM) can be difficult without the right production management system (PMS) in place. If your goal is to optimize efficiency, Acumatica will allow for end-to-end management of your manufacturing processes.

Acumatica provides the ideal production management tools that offer real-time information on jobs and orders, labor and materials, machine status, and product shipments.

Production management software provides the flexibility you require to manage production in make-to-stock, make-to-order, engineer-to-order, configure-to-order, project-centric, job shop, batch, and repetitive manufacturing environments.

Gain real-time insight into your production orders, work in progress (WIP), and job costs. With the Acumatica Manufacturing Edition, you gain the flexibility to respond to production demand and can easily adapt to changes in schedules, unplanned breakdowns, and late supplier deliveries.

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The Benefits of production management software

  • Production management software allows you to manually create production orders from sales orders or directly withing Acumatica’s Materials Requirments Planning (MRP) module.
  • Take advantage of multiple scheduling options including both forward and backward manufacturing scheduling methods.
  • Detailed reports allow you to monitor and manage performance. Gain visibility of actual vs. standard/planned costs including labour, material, machine, tooling, and fixed and variable overheads for work in process and job costs.

Production management involves the application of planning, organizing, directing, and controlling the production process.

Why Manufacturing operations managers love production management software

Your manufacturing operations managers, or production managers, are tasked to supervise and oversee the daily operations of your manufacturing facilities. They are required to manage employees, organize schedules, meet performance goals, and other manufacturing administrative issues.

The right PM software makes all those duties simpler, efficient, and also boosts productivity. Ensure that you have everything in place at the production start date, goods in process, through to the final manufactured goods.

Keep control of your production from prior, to when the order is received. Choose a cloud-based production management system (Manufacturing Execution Systems/MES) and streamline your product roadmap and processes.

  • Critical Materials. View production order shortages. Create purchase orders and production orders for the parts that are short from a single screen.
  • Labour Tracking. Capture direct production labor to production orders by employee. Enter and track non-production time using indirect codes.
  • Backflushing. Eliminate reporting by backflushing labour or material when reporting the production quantity completed, useful when a company only wishes to record the production quantity. Simplified backflush accounting.
  • Material Tracking. Issue stock and non-stock materials and parts to a production order. Capture lot and serial numbers on controlled items.
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Take the hassle out of all your production runs, track manufacturing costs, improve efficiency for planned orders, track work in progress (WIP) inventory, ensure quality management, build to order, make to stock (MTS), engineer to order (ETO) manufacturing, accurate demand forecasts, efficient production schedule, and more.

Reduce your lead time and ensure that you are on time for delivery dates. Allocate resources accurately and streamline your supply chain management and manufacturing processes. A production management system is a key asset that drives tangible results on your balance sheet.

Ensure that you capture all data collected on your shop floor. From raw material to finished products, this solution will streamline and improve your production planning.

Make life simpler for your production manager with Acumatica

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