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 A Chief Operating Officer’s Guide To Choosing ERP Software

As a COO, typically, you are tasked with the responsibility to manage all operational processes and ensure that the organization is operating at peak efficiency. Other than setting organizational strategy, you perform many other key functions such as outsourcing/contract manufacturing, partnerships, and material sourcing. In this complete Chief Operating Officer’s (COO) guide to choosing ERP software, we will break down how your ERP solution can help optimize productivity.

Important KPIs for Chief Operating Officers

Your Enterprise resource planning software should provide visibility on KPIs such as Product Production Costs, Product Quality, Supplier Costs, Sub-Contractor Performance, Plan Vs Actual Hours And Cost, Planned In-process And Optionally Completed Work, Work Center Loads And Schedules, Profitability By Customer By Category By Item, Sales and Profitability by Item, New Product Time to Market.

a Chief operating officers COO guide to choosing erp solutions
Key benefits of Enterprise Resource Planning software for Chief Operating Officers

ERP software, like Acumatica, allows you to manage standard and custom product bills of material, routings, engineering changes, and configurations. Acumatica’s open architecture allows for easy integration to custom apps on your shop floor

By providing collaborative workflows, you can build a high-performance culture that promotes engagement, participation, teamwork, and accountability with no restrictions on the number of users on your  ERP system.

An integrated ERP gives you the ability to work with inventory and purchasing to ensure quality standards are met and supply levels are maintained. ERP systems streamline your day-to-day operations and offer your management team visibility of opportunities to improve daily operations. It is a great tool to invest in to empower you in achieving your objectives in your COO role.

an easy guide to choosing the best erp software by a chief operating officer

The productivity and efficiency of your business operations directly affect the health of your entire organization. In any organization, the COO is the key driver of how the company operates, and what better tools to achieve this than with an integrated ERP system?

A COO typically reports to the CEO which is why you might see value in reading our CEO’s guide to choosing ERP software. Gain insight on how ERP empowers you with the key insights to supplement the leadership skills of your entire management team, and easily spot opportunities to boost the efficiency of your daily operations. Improve the productivity of your business operations today.

Hope you enjoyed a chief operating officer’s guide to choosing an ERP system. With integrated ERP software, you enjoy centralized project management, streamlined business processes, and improved customer experience. Enjoy quick access to insight, whether you require a high-level view of your cash position, or detailed reports for internal use or to present to stakeholders such as your board of directors. Save costs and see a direct return on investment when you invest in a complete enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

At Brilliant Link, we offer responsive ERP support and our dedicated information technology (IT) department is always a call away to ensure you enjoy 99.9% uptime.

Speak to one of our experienced consultants today and we’d be glad to guide you in choosing an industry-specific ERP solution to match your unique business requirements.

Given that overseeing the day-to-day administrative and operational functions of a business are the main objectives of a COO job description, what better way to achieve this than with a successful ERP implementation. Enjoy short-term and long-term operational efficiency and productivity gains.

Summary of this Chief Operating Officer’s guide to ERP software

Operational excellence

Advanced analytics for insight

Improve demand planning and delivery

Drive innovation

Important KPIs for Chief Operating Officers

Product Production Costs, Product Quality & Supplier Costs

Sub-Contractor Performance, Plan Vs Actual Hours And Cost. Planned, In-process And Optionally Completed Work

Work Center Loads And Schedules, Profitability By Customer By Category By Item

Sales and Profitability by Item Class and Item, New Product Time to Market

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A Comprehensive COO’s Guide to Choosing ERP Software

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