Your Data is Safe and Secure with Branch Accounting

Whether you’re running an online branch accounting environment or offline branch accounting environment, chances are you’ve encountered some operational difficulties. More than likely, managing data from multiple branches is proving time-consuming and problematic. Is your current accounting software package allowing you to keep track of your data and retain control of your branches from head office? If not, Sage Evolution Branch Accounting is the tool your business needs.

Branch Accounting improves productivity, efficiency, and control

Brilliant Link is a Sage Evolution Super Platinum Business Partner and we specialise in the installation, implementation, support and training on all Sage Evolution products, particularly Branch Accounting. This add-on module will assist your business in optimising both efficiency and control through bi-directional synchronisation of your financial data. Branches will function as normal while head office retains control of the branch accounting system, improving productivity.

Will my data remain secure with Branch Accounting?

In this previous blog post, we explained the various options available for implementing Sage Evolution Branch Accounting in your business. Whether you require a centralised or decentralised scenario or if your branch accounting needs to be extended to a multinational or multi-company scenario, this powerful accounting software will provide you with real-time financial data. Sage Evolution Branch Accounting is built with accessibility in mind — even if there is a loss of connectivity, you will still be able to transact in an offline environment. This leads to the question, how can you be assured your confidential financial data remains secure?

Track and trace your data

Financial data that is being transferred across the branch accounting environment is encrypted using key identifiers, preventing sharing or duplication. This allows head office to determine precisely what information is shared with branches with both global and branch-specific records. Each master file, user and transaction at branch level is allocated a unique identifier which prevents duplication. As Branch Accounting’s data synchronisation process uses a File Transfer Protocol (FTP), you will have full access to the movement of data and data history.

Sage Evolution Branch Accounting also has a useful tool called the Data Synchronisation Monitor, which tracks the data being transferred in real-time, and ensures data security.

Functions of the Data Synchronisation Monitor:

  • Transfers and encrypts data in the branch accounting environment;
  • Schedules data synchronisation;
  • Provides prompt error notifications;
  • Allows for custom exports;
  • Allows for automatic reconnection to the FTP server at a polling interval;
  • Includes Universal Time Control which enables synchronisation across different countries and time zones; and
  • Has an online Synchronisation Dashboard allowing for an immediate view of Synchronisation status across all branches.
FTP Setup and Security

Through Branch Accounting’s Data Synchronisation Monitor, you will able to monitor the data transferral process, as well as view the steps, locations, progress and files as detailed in the activity log. This tool also allows for the encryption of your financial data in the unlikely event of a security breach of the FTP server. Whatever financial data is stored on the FTP server cannot be accessed, restored or distributed by an unknown source. The FTP connection can be created in active or passive mode, depending on your security needs. And as an added security measure, Sage Evolution Branch Accounting has an FTP Spy Tool to track all actions performed by the FTP server.

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