Why Employee Self-Service is a Must-Have in 2022 sage 300 people

Why Employee Self-Service is a Must-Have in 2022

Pre-pandemic, a manual leave application may have been as simple as taking a quick walk to the HR office and filling in the paperwork. With many teams working remotely, or hybrid, paperwork adds a layer of complexity to what should otherwise be a simple process. In this guide, we discuss why employee self-service is a must-have in 2022.

Employee Self-Service (ESS) not only offers benefits for the employees but for the employer as well. People use self-service systems for their banking and shopping. Why should it be any different in the workplace? ESS enables your staff to request time off, track timesheets, etc. They can also update their personal information, access their payslips and other relevant company docs.

Where’s the Value in Having an Employee Self-Service System?

ESS systems assist organizations to work efficiently and save valuable time for their HR workforce. However, it also increases the accuracy of employee data by enabling employees to handle their own administrative matters. It’s time to leverage the power of digital within your HR department and eliminate the tedious paper-based or Excel spreadsheets when performing HR-related tasks.

The value in having employee self-service lies in the convenience. Both for you, and your staff. Simplifying annual leave planning, time tracking, and keeping up-to-date staff records. Cut down the costs related to manual processes, human errors and enjoy a streamlined HRM system. Leave requests can be logged and approved with just a few clicks of a button.

No more awkward chats in the HR office when you can track working hours within seconds. Overtime is automatically calculated, eliminating those back and forth enquiries.

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why employee self-service is a must-have in 2022