5 Benefits of Using a CRM Solution

You’ve heard the term ‘CRM solution’ but how can it benefit your business? A CRM solution tracks every interaction between a customer and your company. From the CEO to the customer services manager, a CRM solution offers greater control of your business processes, improved efficiency and increased sales. It also offers a more consistent customer experience.

1. Executives — stay informed with dashboards

Customised dashboards within the CRM solution enable CEOs and executives to stay informed of business activities. Open the sales dashboard for an overview of leads generated, where those leads were sourced, the number of deals each member won or lost, as well as how long it took for each deal to be closed. Track KPIs of each sales team member by viewing the number of sales made versus their target. Your CRM solution also offers a comprehensive view of each customer, their full financial information and company cases.

2. Sales — increase productivity

Tracking sales and measuring metrics is easy with a CRM solution. A sales manager can review monthly and annual trends while tracking monthly sales targets. A CRM solution offers the sales team immediately accessible information while on the road, from a customer’s full sales history to whether they need to be contacted. Your CRM solution pinpoints qualified leads for the sales team to pursue, optimising productivity and profitability.

3. Marketing — streamline campaigns

Give your marketing team the competitive edge with a CRM solution. Need to track return on investment? Want to target your marketing campaigns to specific customer groups? This can be done easily with a CRM solution. Marketing teams can also create email campaigns with linked applications such as MailChimp and streamline your campaigns. You’ll have easy access to the success of marketing campaigns, the leads generated, tasks to be completed, as well as the profitability of various campaigns.

4. Customer services — honour your SLAs

A CRM solution assists in building strong relationships with your customers and helps your company to uphold your service level agreements (SLAs). It details open client cases, which customer service agent they are assigned to, which need urgent attention and the timeframe in which they should be resolved. Service agents can also access a client’s financial information and can see if their account is on hold.

Store the email threads from each customer case on your CRM solution so your team has the information on hand to provide the customer with fantastic service. High-priority cases can be highlighted for quick resolution, while all the information needed for follow-up communication or to build a knowledge base of solutions is also contained there.

5. Automate internal process workflows

With all your customer and sales information stored on a central CRM solution, it’s easy to automate internal business process workflows, such as an automated ticket management system for your call centre. Internal teams have access to the strategies implemented, leading to greater transparency and synergy.

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