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Subscription Billing Software – Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct Subscription Billing Software enables you to tailor pricing & billing schedules for your business. Go from quote to cash quicker and enjoy accurate forecasts for revenue, billing, and financials.

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Streamline your business’ contract and subscription billing lifecycles

Sage Intacct Subscription Billing Software empowers you to bill faster & turn sales into cash regardless of your business model

Save time calculating, reconciling, and aggregating data with the single system of record

  • Cost reduction

    Reduce costs associated with manual billing

  • Automated Subscriptions

    Streamline billing with automatic subscriptions

  • Simplify billing

    Manage billing at a contract level

What makes Sage Intacct Subscription Billing Software unique?

Don’t let billing complexity stand in the way of adopting new pricing models that can grow your business

screenshot of the billing price list entry on sage intacct subscription billing software

Eliminate manual calculations with a built-in fixed price, usage-based, and tiered pricing and billing. With automated pricing models and billing templates that match your business, you can “set it and forget it.” You get bills out faster, decrease days sales outstanding, and free up cash to grow your business.

Manage your customer’s lifecycle

By driving your billing through a single source, the contract, you can manage a single revenue stream and automate revenue recognition throughout your customer’s entire lifecycle. Ensure that your Contract changes, including renewals, upsells, downsells, and holds, drive automatic updates to revenue recognition, billing, and financials are aligned.

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Real-time, bi-directional synchronization between Salesforce and your financials allows you to maintain templates and schedules in your financial solution while maintaining customers, contracts, changes, and renewals in Salesforce. Billing and payments are easily visible to salespeople all in one place—the contract. Everyone stays up to date with your customers’ financial relationship to provide a more consistent customer experience.

When everything you need to forecast is in one place and derived from the contract master and schedules, it’s easy to automate forecasting and see cash, revenue, and billing throughout the lifecycle. Skip the spreadsheets and get real-time forecasts and SaaS metrics, including economic unit, to inform your decisions

sample of a forecast by customer on sage intacct subscription billing software
a sample of sage intacct quantity based revenue recognition subscription billing software

Automate your subscription billing

Flexible pricing models

• Fixed-price

• Usage pricing

• Tiered pricing

• Price per thousand

• Discount tiers

• Minimum flat fees

• Included units

• Overages

• Customer-specific

Seamless quote-to-cash

• Native Salesforce integration

• Drive downstream revenue recognition, including multi-element arrangements and fair pricing requirements

• Sales visibility into invoices and payments

• Maintain renewals and changes in Salesforce

• Maintain accounting treatment in Sage Intacct

Billing and renewals automation

• Automated billing schedules—monthly, annually, custom, non-linear

• Bill by customer group

• Automatic renewals

• Copy existing contracts

• Contract change automation and scheduling

• Process in multiple currencies

Send customers configurable reminders, assign owners to collection cases to ensure accountability

Subscription Billing Software

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