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Simplify Project Cost Tracking & Budget Forecasts

Managing complex projects can be difficult, however, monitoring project costs, revenues, and budgets should not be. Whether you’re a law firm, provide professional services, or run a consultancy firm, you require a system that seamlessly integrates your GL, accounts payable, accounts receivable, PO’s, and Sales orders in order to automate the tracking of project costs and budgets. Here is a guide on how to simplify project cost tracking and budget forecasts.

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Features of Project Cost Tracking

Managing your project resources

Assign project managers, employees, equipment, and other resources to projects and tasks. Establish billing rules and options for each task.

Defining tasks

Define tasks globally or for individual projects. Assign billing rates by project, job role, and individual to generate expected revenues in project budgets.

Easy to update tasks

Easily add activities using Project Accounting or through CRM. All Acumatica modules are fully integrated.

Forecast project budget by period

Enter and modify project budget forecasts and compare these forecasts with the actual project costs and incomes for each financial period. Users can forecast original and revised budget amounts and quantities for existing project budget lines for financial periods of the master calendar. Also, users can create generic inquiries and pivot tables.

Allocate expenses

Allocate overhead and shared expenses to individual projects according to formulas you create including billable and non-billable items.

Templates for projects and tasks

Create new projects from master templates. Specify people, equipment, budgets, and project billing. Multiple users can work on multiple concurrent projects.

WIP support

Keep close track of accumulated but unbilled costs (work-in-progress) to help keep projects on-budget. Acumatica adds control for billing against schedule without losing track of actual expenditures.

Key Benefits of Project Cost Tracking

Total View of All Costs

Get up to date information on all project costs, including completed work and work in process accounting. Track employee time, sub-contracted services, material, and inventory. Easily compare actual project costs with original and revised budgets by period. Continuously track budget execution and cost vs budget.

Track Future Revenues

Track future revenues as a project progresses. Accommodate complex pricing models with confidence in conjunction with Acumatica ERP.

Scalable for any type of project

Track all types of projects – large or small, internal or external, single or multi-currency. Acumatica offers mobile-friendly, fast, and convenient data entry and information access.

Available anywhere

Make it easy for remote employees, installers, contractors, and others to submit work orders and timesheets from any browser-enabled device.

Monitor and manage project costs easily with Acumatica Project Cost Tracking & Budget Forecasts

How to Simplify Project Cost Tracking & Budget Forecasts

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