Sage Evolution takes the guesswork out of inventory management

Supply versus demand is a tricky seesaw to master in terms of managing your inventory, but Sage Evolution’s add-on Inventory Advisor module brings balance to your business needs. Inventory Advisor is a cloud-based solution that provides you with a holistic, real-time view of your inventory levels. Revolutionise your business with an accounting software package that can be customised to your needs.

Accounting software that impacts the success of your business

Accurately assessing the amount of stock you need to purchase shouldn’t have to be a guessing game; a mistake could prove to be costly. If your capital is tied up in excess inventory, it could have a devastating effect on your business. Inventory Advisor handles the logistical nightmare of tracking your inventory, as certain lines of stock will move quickly while others can gather dust over time. Sage Evolution Inventory Advisor will boost your business’s success by optimising stock levels.

The power of Sage Evolution Inventory Advisor

Inventory Advisor plugs into Sage Evolution and, using a variety of algorithms, this solution forecasts product sales. This will enable you to predict how much stock to buy in order to handle the expected demand but prevent your business from sitting with capital tied up in excess inventory.
Sage Evolution Inventory Advisor will:

  • Positively affect your bottom line;
  • Prevent stock outs and improve fill rates by 2% to 10%;
  • Free up capital by reducing excess inventory by 10% to 15%;
  • Offer mobile access to all inventory information;
  • Calculate a realistic and accurate forecast to work from when ordering stock;
  • Enable you to negotiate stock prices with suppliers;
  • Free up time spent on inventory forecasts.

Sage Evolution Inventory Advisor features a dashboard displaying your critical inventory item level status, enabling you to see at a glance which items are out of stock, near out of stock, as well as in excess or surplus orders. Inventory Advisor allows you to drill down into financial data easily using the Inventory Forecasting Dynamic to create graphic forecasts. Classify and order stock with the Classification Matrix according to velocity, quantity or value. Manage existing orders easily and generate reports on your inventory to optimise capital expenditure. And you can easily manage your entire inventory with Inventory Advisor’s Item Data which captures all item information in one location.

As Inventory Advisor is a cloud-based product, Brilliant Link can implement this accounting software solution quickly and cost-effectively at your business. No matter what the size of your business, Sage Evolution Inventory Advisor is easily scalable and can be rapidly deployed. Call us today.