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Improve Your Engineering Processes with a Cloud ERP

Why choose a Cloud ERP to Improve Engineering Processes?

Acumatica Cloud ERP is designed to help engineers reduce the number of keystrokes which leads to increased throughput. You have the ability to merge multiple Engineering Change Requests (ECR) into a single Engineering Change Order (ECO). This will enable you to create ECO’s with minimal keystrokes when multiple ECR’s exist for the same item. Acumatica is a great solution to improve engineering processes.

You can further compare two different bills of material records (BOM). This is ideal for creating or approving engineering change orders and engineering change orders. It’s also convenient when you would like to compare the BOM for two different items.

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Acumatica offers a multi-level BOM report that includes the option to print a multi-level bill of materials with the cost of each level broken down by cost elements. You can see a visual representation of a multi-level BOM on a single screen.

Inaccurate bill of material and routing definitions trickle down throughout the manufacturing process negatively affecting material planning, cost analysis, and resource scheduling.

Engineering Change Control (ECC) helps manufacturers to maintain control of master data in a rapidly changing world. ECC monitors the process of changing your bill of materials and routing with built-in approvals workflow to ensure compliance with current customer, vendor, and production requirements.

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The Benefits of using the Acumatica Cloud ERP to improve your engineering processes

Engineering Revisions and Engineering Change Orders

Full control from Engineering Change Request (ECR) to Engineering Change Order (ECO) to updating the BOM. Merge multiple ECRs for the same part into a single ECO.

Change Requests and BOM Comparison

Automates controls and organizes all change requests, plans, and actual changes to a BOM and routing. The BOM Comparison screen allows you to quickly see changes between ECR, ECO, and BOM.

Approvals Workflow and Assignment Maps

Use Acumatica Approval and Assignment Maps to control the approval process for both requests and change orders. You can choose if approvals are required for either or both ECR and ECO.

Choose an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that is suited to the engineering industry. For guaranteed process improvement, tracking resources for any design project, and world-class business performance.

We’d be glad to assist you in choosing an ERP software solution that is ideal for your unique business case. Software for engineer related workflows and requirements.

Streamline and integrate your BOM, ECO’s and ECR’s with Acumatica Cloud ERP

Acumatica CLoud ERP for Engineering

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