a 2021 guide on how hr self service tools save time for hr professionals

How HR self-service tools save time

Remote work requires more than just ensuring your team has access to a laptop and wifi at home. It means substituting all your in-person processes with digital solutions. HR departments are overwhelmed with new challenges that arise with a remote workforce. Reducing the pressure through HR self-service tools is essential for freeing up time, allowing your staff to DIY admin processes, and enabling your HR team to focus on more crucial tasks. In this guide, we discuss how HR self-service tools save time.

It has never been more crucial to have a comprehensive HR & Payroll solution that enables you to manage workforce schedules, onboard remote staff, simplify employee communication, manage productivity, and get regular feedback on how your team is coping. Since everybody may be working from home, why not invest in HR self-service tools and save time for both your HR staff and the rest of your workforce.

Streamline your HR processes

At times, it takes more effort to send an email to HR to book leave or update personal details. It would take the same amount of clicks, perhaps even less, if your staff could do it themselves through an Employee Self Service portal.

Employee Self Service tools streamline paperwork, emails, tickets, and requests that your HR staff deals with daily. Why extend the time taken on simple admin tasks through back and forth emails when your team could do it themselves while they work remotely.

Not only do employee self-service tools reduce your admin, they improve your efficiency and that of the HR team while also increasing the productivity of your workforce.

Self Service

Self-service is the order of the day in how we lead our daily lives in the digital world. From paying our personal accounts online, banking apps, you name it. Employee self-service tools extend this convenience into the workplace.

Neither your HR team nor the rest of your staff enjoys repetitive admin tasks. The simpler you make it for everyone, the better. With HR self-service tools, you enable your employees to input and update their personal data so that your HR team doesn’t have to.

a 2021 guide on how hr self service tools save time

Perhaps they haven’t told you yet, but your HR team does not enjoy doing basic tasks like booking leave, updating residential addresses, and reprinting payslips. These are tasks that even your employees would prefer to do themselves.

HR self-service tools that populate employee information remove the requirement for repetitive manual data entry (and verifying) and eliminates the need for bulky filing and wasted paper. But, most importantly, HR self-service tools save time.

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