Making it to the end of the month is a challenge, especially so early on in the year. But we think that we have the right solution to help with those cash flow issues – Cash Manager. 

There are a number of factors that can contribute to whether your business succeeds or fails, such as debtors who don’t pay on time or even a lack of forecasting. Cash is the lifeline for your business and without it, your business will suffer. This is how Cash Manager helps achieve the success you are aiming for – providing instant visibility that you need to keep track of the debtors, plugging directly into your accounting software and consolidating all data into a dashboard that is easy to understand. 

Cash Manager can offer you these 5 solutions: 

  1. Improved visibility 

Know where your cash is at all times, helping assist with making decisions or purchases. Cash Manager then helps with keeping tabs on any upcoming supplier invoices, you are able to view your invoices on one screen, enter notes with each invoice or create efficient reports.

2. Improved cash flow

Cash Manager has intelligent tools for analysis, allowing you to view your cash flow in real time. This allows you to also accelerate the invoice-to-cash process. Another useful option to use is that a cash flow forecast for up to 3 years in advance can be created and revised. 

3. Increased efficiency

Through automating the processes for receivables and payables, Cash Manager helps with improving the efficiency of your collection outcomes.

4. Minimising outstanding debt

Cash Manager allows you to see what is outstanding on each account, as well as the oldest invoices and key customer statistics. Now you’re able to speed up the follow-up process with the debtors by using customised email templates, based on the age of the debt. 

5. Forecasting and budgeting

When forecasting and budgeting, a sound financial framework is extremely important to have. With Cash Manager, you will be able to create a cash flow forecast that is simple and easy to use; and can be created in very little time! Focus in on short- and long-term forecasting efficiently.

Brilliant Link is able to assist with providing you Cash Manager so that you can put these solutions into action – and watch the benefits that come out of it!

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