why you should connect your sales and accounting systems

Why You Should Connect Your Sales And Accounting

Since we’re in the age of the POPI Act, the saying has changed. From “The customer is always right,” to make sure “the customer’s information is always right.” Sensitive times are ahead, so it is key to contact customers via their correct details. What better way to do this than by connecting your accounting and sales. In this guide, we discuss why you should connect your sales and accounting.

Many off-the-shelf CRM solutions act as a repository for information collected about your customer’s interactions. However, there is a missed opportunity if that information can not be linked to customer transaction history and pending invoices to gain a holistic view of the value of that customer to your business. By connecting your sales and Accounting, you ensure that your sales and accounting departments are on the same page at all times. Gain a clear understanding of where your revenue is coming from.

Reducing Manual Processes

There’s nothing that demotivates sales and accounting teams more than having to do the same things over and over again. Those back and forth calls between sales and accounts departments tend to create friction between the teams.

Why not leverage the power of an integrated solution that provides a central repository for all customer data and transaction history in a single interface. No more manual updates on siloed systems, and error-prone spreadsheets. Streamline your invoicing and admin to ensure that you get paid quicker.

No more Broken Telephone

John from sales said the customer told him he has already paid the last invoice. Lisa in accounts says the payment has not yet reflected, and the customer has a history of late payments. These are common scenarios. Connecting your sales and accounting ensures that you have an accurate record of the source of all your revenue.

It enables you to track which customer interactions hold the most value and which do not. It saves Lisa the effort of constantly writing quotes for customers who never move forward with purchases. And, John knows to spend more time on high-value customers.

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There are many benefits to connecting your sales and accounting systems. Not only do you immediately reduce the time spent doing repetitive manual processes, but you also eliminate the errors that come standard with disparate or manual systems. Need to know more on why you should connect your sales and accounting? Drop us a line on 011 792 9521 and we’d be glad to guide you in choosing an integrated ERP and CRM solution to cater to your unique industry-specific requirements.